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A Tragic Hero Is A Person Who Deserves To Tell A Story About


Unfortunately, tragedy is one of not the best parts of our life. Rare people look for such stories. But, such deserve more attention because they can bring valuable info about persons who have tackled or not difficult situations. This article will share approaches on how to write about tragic circumstances and tragic heroes to make more people interested in such stories.

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Who is a Tragic Hero and What Characteristics It Has?

There is no unified definition of whom to consider as a tragic hero. But, some circumstances make a certain character tragic:

  • this person usually faces severe life conditions or creates such in one’s life. This may be various conflicts, wars, natural disasters, argues that result in adverse consequences, etc. Such circumstances a person faces or creates, usually negatively impact one’s life and plans;
  • the person usually has no control over outer circumstances. They serve as the main determinants of the person’s actions and choices;
  • such a hero usually has to pay too much to tackle these circumstances, lose everything, or face other adverse outcomes;
  • the situations that emerge in a person’s life are usually unpredictable;
  • this person can make a certain mistake that may appear as tragic. 

Such tragic situations may strongly vary. But, in most cases, they hurt a person’s life.

This may not sound very attractive for obvious reasons. Still, here is the first hook for making the story about a tragic hero interesting. Consider and describe such tragic situations not from the negative perspective but as life challenges. Think about life lessons these situations are associated with.

Apart from describing these situations, consider also traits that a tragic hero usually has:

  • usually, this person has adverse sides of character or lack of skills to combat with certain situations;
  • this person may suffer too much from its behavior or outer circumstances. A tragic hero may experience a lot of pain. But, in this situation, a person chooses to fail or tackle the situation at a high cost or not;
  • a person may determine one’s life choices by relying on outer circumstances only. This usually results in losses and other adverse consequences for this person. This may last until it decides to take control over one’s life and choices;
  • even if a person manages to tackle the situation, he/she can be too harmed emotionally or even physically.

Of course, this list is far from being exhaustive. But, it contains the most common and general traits of a person we may consider as a tragic hero.

There is one thing we want to emphasize, especially. To make your story more attractive for readers, find certain more or less positive outcomes of a situation this person has faced with. Even if a person chooses to die for something, identify whether he/she has reached the intended result. Perhaps, certain heroic actions enabled a hero to get good outcomes, opened a way for other people to pursue their aspirations. You should answer whether a certain tragic event was a step to something better from a positive point of view. Of course, when we speak about dying, positively does not mean you should be cheerful that the result has been reached. This approach will be inappropriate—positive means you need to notice good outcomes and sides of the matter.

Well, now you have basic approaches on how to tell a story about a tragic hero. Let’s look at forms where this narration may be.

Types of Writing Works about a Tragic Hero

Depending on a situation you are going to write about, there are many types of writing works that can be devoted to a tragic hero. Here are the main of them:

  1. Compare-contrast work. In this text, you compare two heroes that have faced the same or similar situations. They could make different choices, also acted differently, and got different outcomes, respectively. Provide your opinion about which model of behavior was more effective in the final.
  2. Persuasive essay. Here your task is to persuade readers that certain actions and tragic events are important and valuable. For this paper, think about good arguments to sound confidently for your future reviewers. You should rely here not only on logic but also consider the emotional side of the question. 
  3. Analytical paper. In this paper, you analyze a tragic hero’s personality and the life circumstances that he/she has faced. It is better to list such for your convenience. During this writing, you should pay attention to the actions taken by this hero and the outcomes of a situation.

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Writing about a Tragic Hero

If you have this opportunity, you need to choose a tragic hero whose story moves you a lot. Apart from the story’s actual side, you also should share your considerations and sincere emotions about that. So, choose the character that interests you most of all. One simple exercise will help you with that. Take a paper and list those options that come to your mind first. Usually, the right one is the first or surely among all such options.

Before starting your writing, you should grasp all peculiarities of a tragic situation. Analyze it complexly and research well. You need to collect as much valuable info as you can. Sometimes certain details may determine the final opinion about a tragic hero or situation. Even if you don’t speak about all the info you have collected, knowing about such can help you in forming sound conclusions for this essay.

When you have decided about which hero you want to write about and have collected all info, do your brainstorming. You should list all ideas about the story of a tragic hero. Think about the background of this story, its main determinants, and outcomes. Pay special attention to the person’s behavior and actions in this situation. 

After you have created all these ideas, range them by making your outline on a separate paper. You should clearly define the structure of your story. Here we suggest you put forward some interesting or strong facts at the beginning of your story. Then place your thesis statement. In the main body of your essay, list all ideas you have from most to less strong. At the final of your story, summarize the overall content and judgments you have indicated before and restate your thesis statement. Keep this scheme in mind during your essay writing and correct it if this is necessary.

The best advice we can give you for your writing is to start work ahead of a deadline. You should have enough time to correct all things if this is necessary. 

It is normal to have more than one draft of your text. For its first version, we suggest you apply the freewriting technique. For this draft, describe even broadly your considerations about a tragic hero and express your emotions. We also advise you to set aside this text and return to it later. With a fresh view and ideas, you can make this text better. Correct too emotional sides of your story and restate certain fragments if you find this necessary. For a better effect, you may also edit it by using various online editors. They will emphasize those parts of your text that should be amended. But, the last words should be after you only. If you have this opportunity, we advise you to pass this text to somebody for review.

Last Words

If you want to write a good story about a tragic hero:

  1. Choose a character that moves you personally.
  2. Describe all circumstances that he/she had faced with, all taken actions, and outcomes.
  3. Make this story moderately emotional.

Feel free to express your opinion confidently and refer here again in case of any difficulties.

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