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Book/Movie Review Writing

Difficulties with Review writing

When writing a book/movie review, you should understand first, the responsibility. It is a response essay, where personal opinion the key requirement. A reviewer keeps an open mind and tries to avoid any evaluations. Only people with an analytical mindset and critical eye could write a review of white light. Our contemporaneity is distinguished by the abundance of sleazy and cheap reviews, which do not warrant an extended reading. Modern authors and producers have to work with strong criticism, often, unjustified. Therefore, if taking up matter, the quality of your book or movie review must be high. This task is not easy since special skills are required. A good book or movie review should touch on several criteria: a plot, some characters, timeliness of the topic, and much more. There could be much more. It depends on upon a particular genre.

Process of review writing

The process of review completion is lasting. A prerequisite is to read a book down to the last page or to see a movie in full. However, watching or reading must be active: one should make notes and leave comments. It's also desirable to write down the brightest impressions. This information will be used for your book or movie review later. Next, there is no need to describe a plot in considerable detail. A brief summary is enough. A perfect review is based upon reasonable and correct conclusions. The last thing is to provide personal points of view. It is inappropriate for a review to obtrude opinions upon others. The task isn't to prove something, but to do a reasoned book/movie review, giving causes for reflections. The last part of any book/movie review is summarizing. The author should give some findings on the stated facts. It takes a lot of experience and skills to complete a quality review.

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