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Proposal Essay Topics List

Understanding the purpose of a proposal essay is easy if you try to imagine yourself being a seller. However, this time, instead of selling a pile of rice or a sports car, you need to sell an idea – the main topic of your future essay.

Introduce your ‘product’, make some statements, explaining why it’s good or bad and finish with a short final conclusion that will help your listeners to understand that you are right.

Proposal Essay Topics and Structure

No matter which essay topic you deal with, a good and logical structure will make your text more understandable. Such a structure helps to use facts and quotes in a correct place and to influence your listeners’ decisions. If you want to create a great essay or buy an essay, start with a plan. It must contain:

  • Introduction

The first aim of the introduction is to present the topic to your readers. Use some general facts, mla format paper with multiple authors and data that will help other people understand what you are going to talk about. Make sure this part is laconic but informative. The second aim of the introduction is catching the attention of your readers. In case text’s beginning is catchy and interesting, your audience is more likely to read it till the end.

  • Proposal

This part is quite short, however, is also very important if you write a proposal essay. Use it to introduce your proposition – an idea that you want to present to your readers.

  • Plan of Actions

This is the biggest and the most influential part of your essay. Think about several ways to prove the credibility of your idea or how to beat turnitin. Use a separate paragraph for each proof or statement – make your pieces of evidence clear and understandable. Here you can also use some illustrative examples and creative explanations.

  • Conclusion

This part is a summary of above-mentioned pieces of evidence and proofs. Use this final piece of your essay to make a logical conclusion that supports your main idea and proves you being right.

Proposal Essay Topics and Effectively Working Tips

If you are about to start your proposal essay, these tips will help you to plan your preparation and writing wisely and effectively:

  • Make ground research before starting to write anything;
  • If you write down an idea, write at least 1-2 statements to prove it, don’t forget to note down interesting quotes and examples;
  • If there’s enough information, take it only from official sources like books and scientific articles. Reading some blog publications or posts on social media can give you the wrong data and waste your time;
  • Anytime you write down an extract of a text, note the source it’s taken from. It will save lots of time when you work on a list of references and will also allow you coming back to the original source in case you misunderstood something;
  • Avoid using slang, informal language and repeating words. Use vocabulary in case you can’t find a proper alternative to a word.

Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas

Check the list of popular topics for a proposal essay. If you are looking for an interesting topic, it’s not necessary to copy the topic from those that are listed below, you can also take a theme as an inspiration and change it according to your preferences.

  1. Effective methods to teach younger children to respect other people.
  2. Can legal espionage and freedom of speech be combined under the single law?
  3. Which modern life principles may violate family values?
  4. How to make educational TV more popular and promoted?
  5. Which measures can be taken to protect children from using illegal drugs?
  6. How to make children build a successful family in the future in the case they have witnessed actions of domestic abuse?
  7. Which role school can play in reducing cases of cyberbullying?
  8. How to be sure you are not addicted to gadgets?
  9. How to make a young person adopt a healthy lifestyle and family values?
  10. How teachers can recognize the actions of bullying in friendly jokes and innocent pranks?
  11. Which measures can be taken to make ethnic minorities feel more comfortable in society?
  12. Which changes shall be introduced to the educational system to make it more useful and updated?
  13. What can be done to support local businesses against monopolists?
  14. How to reduce obesity among children without increasing level of bullying of obese kids in schools?
  15. How to build a fair system that decides which prisoners can vote during presidential elections and which shouldn’t?
  16. Should couples be offered to adopt a child before undergoing in-vitro fertilization?
  17. Which measures can be taken on a local level to reduce the unemployment rate?
  18. How can we prepare for the next economic crisis?
  19. Shall any legal measures be taken to regulate debates between vegans and meat-eaters?
  20. How to discipline children without violating their rights and making them feel disrespected?

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics Are Important Factors For Your Academic Success

Choosing a proper topic or a thesis statement is not an easy task. Take it seriously, finding the theme that is interesting and understandable for you.

Avoid topics that do not coincide with your personal position and beliefs even if they appear popular and intriguing to others. Stop your search on something that may inspire you and will keep you interested and motivated during the whole work process.

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