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5 Various Types of Essays: All that You Should Always Keep in Mind!

5 Various Types of Essays

Types of essays are groups into which all essays are divided according to their purpose, style of writing or contents. These classifications allow making writing an essay easier, describing the way it should be written and what methods should be used to get the best results.

While some types of writing assignments may be entertaining, homework tasks on other subjects may seem loathing. Various types of essays differ like differ moods or types of clothes. Every author will discover an essay that will be more suitable to him/her. Essays differ, for example, in length, in the way information is presented or the purpose of writing an essay. The primary objective of each writing task is to meet the initial purpose. This article changes the common opinion about various sorts of papers by providing a general classification of essays and suitable examples. When students have a lot of writing assignments and they can’t hand in their paper on time, they buy papers online. There are trusted online services that offer writing essays at an affordable price to meet the deadlines without wasting tons of cash.

The type of essays that takes a lot of time to write is an expository one, so it would be correct to begin exploring various types of essays starting from it. There are generally five important categories of academic essays. They include:

  • Expository essay;
  • Descriptive essay;
  • Narrative essay;
  • Contrast or compare essay;
  • Argumentative or persuasive essay;

To be ready to write a competitive essay you have to read the definition of every category.

What Is a Typical Expository Essay

The writing paper of this category is the longest, so it takes much time to write it. This essay in its turn can be divided into different categories including definition, interpretation, response, analysis, cause&effect essays.

  • A definition essay is the easiest to write, but you shouldn’t use a simple explanation taken from any English dictionary. Such definite plagiarism will surely result in F. An author should use both the functional definitions (a few of them) and personal knowledge of the precise term/expression: explain “law,” “hate,” or “university bullying” in your essay.
  • A common explanation (interpretation) essay suggests the way of interpreting a process or a concept supplying full instructions. These assignments response to the “how” inquiries. The examples of such topics can be “How do citizens elect their president”, “How the best chocolate sweets are made.”
  • Reflection(response) essay is in the sphere of subjectifies. An author yet has to expound on the principal point of the essay based on trustworthy proof and facts. You should concentrate on your opinion concerning the analyzed part in such an academic paper.
  • The cause-&-effect essay demonstrates that things are correlative on earth. In this essay, an author should show the resemblance between several things/events by indicating the reasons for some events to occur and their consequences. A sample of such an essay may be “The most common causes & effects of global warming”.
  • A critical analysis essay is an academic paper, the goal of which is to cause an author to comprehend the data. A teacher or a student selects a corresponding part of the text (from a textbook or a scientific article) for analyzing and explaining the results. The task of the teacher is to compare the student’s essay to the real explanation of work. Provide a concise definition of this sort of essay.

Descriptive Essay

Such an essay describes something. It is a unique essay, which depends on the point by point depiction and definite investigation of the picked literary piece, event, object and so forth. A paper author will work with adverbs, adjectives, etc. Use a wide range of expressive words to outline the topic. The most well-known artistic instruments students should use in descriptive essays are metaphors, analogies, allegories, personifications, and similes. Their use helps the reader to imagine things. English educators give such tasks. There are a few alternatives for a student: to share feelings, to depict an individual experience in full detail, describing the ways to cook scrumptious pizza, and so on.

Narrative Essay

This essay brings to mind a story composed by a well-known writer as E. Hemingway. An author can discuss the strangest thing he came across in everyday life. One more smart thought is to discuss the first love. Numerous students review a specific day from their life to indicate how 24 hours can transform someone’s life in this or that way. A narrative paper is about different things an author has experienced in his/her life to make the intended interest group of readers intrigued. If a student writes a narrative essay, he/she doesn’t need the use of different sources. It makes this sort of academic essay simple, yet a student needs to build up an innovative way to get the highest grade.

Compare&Contrast Essay

These essays belong to the expository academic writing type. A writer should refer to the dissimilarities or, on the other hand, resemblances between the chosen subjects/individuals/areas/occasions to allow the reader to differentiate things. To compare in an essay means to discover similarities, at the same time, contrasting is discovering contrasts. This type of essay allows comprehending more than just one topic at once. It is probable either to compare or, on the other hand, contrast different types of essay (expound on contrasts and likenesses). Remember that you can mix papers of various kinds: include a correlation of your past professional experience to the present one – that would be a combination of a narrative, compare-&-contrast writing.

Persuasive or Argumentative Type of Academic Essay

This essay belongs to the type in which a writer has to demand to stick to a particular opinion concerning the chosen issue. There exist 2 various kinds of essays. The essay that is called persuasive needs to persuade the reader of the validity of the principal thesis; the type of essay called argumentative simply should state the thesis and protect it with other related arguments and proof. Composing persuasive essays is one of the hardest to write academic assignments. A student should figure out how to compose a typical argumentative essay.

4 more types of academic essays that each student will write

Students might probably wonder if some more various types of academic essays exist. Is it probable that all other academic essays belong to one of the groups listed above? Let’s have a look at 4 often used well-known types of academic essays:

Admission/Scholarship Academic Essay

Among various kinds of academic papers, an admission paper sticks out. It is key to unlock higher education. Most students usually write such essays to enter colleges or universities. Usually, to write a successful academic essay, an author needs to:

  • Clarify why he/she has picked the particular field of research
  • Try to explain why he or she requires a degree
  • Show individual qualities, weak and strong sides
  • Offer the information about the chosen educational institution
  • Underline in what way he/she can put a contribution to the college network and society

A scholarship essay belongs to one more type of essay. The students of colleges write these essays to convince their College Board in the fact that he/she is worthy of a scholarship, i.e. to get financial help. Most colleges are willing to pay their best students for an excellent study. In this way, a scholarship essay can even make a diligent student well-off!

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A Cultural Identity Essay

The US frequently initiate events to unite different nations, being a melting pot of nations and cultures. Cultural identity essays are writing assignments in both schools and colleges that permit their native students better comprehend their groupmates and classmates who have different customs and traditions. A lot of things are mentioned in such an essay. The data about personal experiences, faith, traditions and customs, language skills, motives of moving to the United States, etc. may be covered in this academic paper. You should remember, though, that it is not a personal type of essays! When you write about cultural identity is not about one individual – it is about several persons with captivating, bright cultural backgrounds that they grew in.

A Process Analysis Essay

This type of academic paper might be called one of the expository essays. For what reason is it significant? Young authors who now only learn to write process analysis essays may become fantastic technical authors later on. Depicting the process in a well-ordered way is made by both technical guidance and process analysis. “The most effective method to… ” is the primary answer to the question of the topic. An author has to adhere to the subject clarifying the reason for the process – point out the steps and examine every one of them.

An Informative Essay

There are various kinds of essays, an informative essay being the most frequent among them. Arguably, any paper contains particular data. An informative essay, in contrast to other kinds of essays, has to cover the point with the assistance of detailed descriptions, particular expressions, and deep analysis confirmed by the solid proof. An author ought to be a genuine master in the chosen topic to think of an incredible paper.


Essays for Different Academic Needs

After having studied several categories of academic essays, an author needs to comprehend which of them will be appropriate for other academic levels most of all. It’s necessary to mention middle and high school essays and also essays for college, which are the academic levels for this type of written assignment. Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts require more significant, protracted in time tasks such as writing a dissertation, for example.

Middle School Essays

Using the following tips will permit you to compose several types of academic papers for middle school:

  • Write such essays as how-to, narrative, reflection, descriptive, reflection and storytelling essays if your assignment is a middle school academic essay.
  • If you write something connected with abilities, leisure activities, and talents that would be up to the point.
  • Explain in detail how to cook a pie or play an interesting computer game from personal skills and preferences.
  • Describe buildings, sea, clothing, animals, etc.
  • Imagine yourself to be a teacher to comprehend what he/she needs to find out about students the work of which is worth being rewarded with A+.

What Are the Main Types of Essays for Students of High School

You can use the following tips to compose peculiar types of academic writing assignments in high school:

  • Concentrate on writing analytical assignments, as far as other types of writing papers, such essays as cause and effect, compare and contrast, narrative, expository and admission are also important because for high school students it’s time to enter a college. Students will need to know how to write such tasks.
  • You should adhere to the five-passage structure. You should include in your essay an introduction, three paragraphs of the body and a conclusion.
  • Consider one topic out of several interconnected thoughts.
  • Remain centered; abstain from altering the topic while writing.
  • Begin getting ready for writing a top-notch personal statement and introductory letter for your dream institution. It will permit proceeding with advanced education and pursuing a career.

Essays for College

To write various kinds of essays for college use the following tips:

  • Use brainstorming techniques regardless if your professor gives you a specific topic, or on the contrary, you choose it yourself. Make a list of thoughts and research to define the volume of accessible data.
  • In case the topic is expansive, maker it narrower to make a more particular story.
  • Find an innovative angle; don’t overdo with your private beliefs, yet offer at least one new approach established on own decisions.
  • Be straightforward in your statement, don’t lie about anything you can’t do because teachers will discover the truths at some point or another.
  • Re-read the essay before you hand it in to the officer or an instructor.
  • You should contact an expert before you move to the following stage.
  • Make an introduction and a corroborative speech to perform in front of your group as it demonstrates your significant ideas.
  • If the copyright is used, it will prevent the writing assignment from being stolen or duplicated.

An Essay as a Research Paper

When you are done with school-level assignments, you will have to do some research and later write about its discoveries. Such writing tasks are named research papers. Any such paper is based on a thorough and it has:

  • Title page
  • Plan
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Scientific methods used
  • Results and Discussion
  • Bibliography

Summary: the Types of Essays

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