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Leadership Essay Guidelines: Things to Keep in Mind

How To Write A Great Leadership Essay

Leadership essay is a written assignment that covers a wide range of issues concerning the topic of leadership. Writing this sort of assignment is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Before writing about a leader, you need to understand what leadership is and what qualities a person should possess.

A leader is any person who is able to motivate and influence others in order to achieve particular goals. Actually, any leadership essay can be structured into the following categories:

  • Cover the concept of leadership and what traits of character make up a good leader;
  • Write about different leadership styles and how each of them works;
  • Tell about the people you look up to and call leaders. Give real-life examples;
  • Describe the life of an important public figure;
  • Share a personal story of your leadership skills and how you are going to boost them in order to achieve goals.

The above are only some of the most general topics that you can use for a leadership essay. If you find them not enough, just go online, and you’ll find plenty of examples on a wide range of leadership issues.

Now, when you know what to discuss, it is the right time to learn more about the best ways to craft a great leadership essay.

Understand leadership concepts

Leadership definition changes quite rapidly, and there are multiple layers and levels, which are able to define a great and modern leader. You can have your own vision of how a good leader should look like and can use this understanding to create a great leadership essay that will differ from the rest.

However, to get a deep and solid understanding of the traits and features a leader should have, it’s necessary to research all the possible sources both on the Internet and in local libraries.

After collecting the necessary information, you need to research it and get a better understanding of the topic before starting the writing process. Once you understand what features a leader should have, it will be much easier to build a strong leadership essay.

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Give your own definition of leadership

Once you have analyzed the material and have your own understanding of what makes a leader, it’s necessary to come up with your own definition of leadership. This will give readers a better understanding of how you see the subject and what you are going to discuss.

Here are a few questions that may help you to start a leadership essay:

  • Are you motivated by risky and ambitious leaders?
  • Do you think that communication skills play a crucial role in becoming a leader?
  • Should leaders have experience in multiple fields?
  • Do you think that leaders should rise through all hierarchy levels?

Answering these questions will help you to come up with your own leadership definition.

Think about your own leadership features and write about them with examples

If you decide to write a leadership essay about your own traits of character, be ready to think about the past and come up with examples of when your leadership skills were used. Even if you didn’t have any experience working in a leading position, you could write about experiences when your skills as a leader helped solve issues with relatives, classmates, and friends.

Make sure that your stories are detailed and clear, answering the questions ‘where, when, and how.’ Providing clear details makes the essay trustworthy.

Leaders should have their own point of view and innovative approach

Remembering this important issue will help you to come with bright and vivid examples of being a leader. Do some research, and you’ll see that there are many more things to discuss apart from regular leadership concepts.

For example, high school leadership is standing up to protect those who are bullied. Adult leadership may be about organizing a charity Thanksgiving event for the homeless. There are thousands of similar examples, and you’ll see them when changing a perspective and opening your mind to new experiences and events.

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Writing a leadership essay

Finally, you are ready for the writing process. It begins when you start putting thoughts on paper. Leadership essay, as well as any other assignment, should follow a clear structure: introduction and thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Below we’ll tell you everything in more detail.


The introduction is the first thing readers see when getting familiar with your essay. Depending on the quality of these paragraphs, you will either interest readers or make them want to put the essay aside.

The interesting introduction is able to hook the audience, and they would want to go on reading to find out more about what you are going to say. Unfortunately, the boring introduction may turn readers away from your work, and the final grade will be much lower.

We recommend reading examples of winning leadership essays. Just google them and familiarize them with different techniques that are able to grab and hold the attention of the audience. However, keep in mind that these examples shouldn’t be copied. Write your leadership essay from scratch, and you won’t have to worry about plagiarism.

Another piece of advice is including a hook sentence. Depending on the topic and the tone of your essay, it may be a joke, a real-life story, a fact, or interesting statistics. Finally, you should close the introduction with a thesis statement.

It should be a summary of all the thoughts on leadership and the things that you will discuss further in the text. Make sure that the body paragraph arguments support the thesis. If you still don’t know what the main idea of your essay is, leave the thesis statement for later: it can be crafted when all the arguments are in place.

Main paragraphs

Perfect structure leadership essay body paragraphs are three or four paragraphs, each of which supports a certain point of view. You need to make sure that only one thought is rendered in every paragraph. Following this simple advice will keep the essay clear and structured, and readers will find readers won’t be puzzled with your thoughts and ideas.

One of the most common mistakes is avoiding transition words and sentences. However, they are crucial for connecting ideas and paragraphs. 


Finally, when all the arguments are provided, it’s time to write a leadership essay conclusion. It should summarize your ideas on the concept and give a brief overview of the things discussed in the paper.

We don’t recommend introducing new facts and ideas not to leave readers with additional questions.

Final thoughts

Once all the above steps are conducted, you only need to proofreader your leadership essay. Eliminate all typos, misprints, and mistakes to make the paper look academic and flawless. Even if your ideas are fresh and unique, the tutor may give it a low grade for multiple mistakes.

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