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Demonstration Speech Ideas: 2020 Guidelines

Demonstration Speech Ideas

A demonstration speech is an assignment, which explains how something works or how to do a particular thing. Actually, it is the basic type of presentation, so you may face it both in high school and college. This speech is also popular in training and commercial courses.

A demonstration speech is very similar to an informative one. Its initial goal is to teach the audience about any issue in a step-by-step manner.

However, even though this is a rather wide-spread assignment, not all students know how to demonstrate certain things in an effective manner. If you also experience difficulties, then this article is what you need.

Structure of a demonstration speech

Luckily, demonstration speech is an assignment that can be approached in one of the multiple ways. Depending on your expectations and goals, you can apply one (or several) instruments that are listed below.

  1. Starting with why

As you already know, demonstration speech aims to train the audience to carry out a process or any of its stages. That is why it is important to motivate the audience to learn.

Start by telling listeners how they may benefit from your speech. When people know the reasons and practical aspects behind the speech, they are more eager to learn.

There are multiple ways of encouraging the audience. However, the best way is to start with ‘why’ and a few inspiring stories: explain how the topic will change their lives.

  1. Summarize the process

Before you discuss the topic in more detail, it is important to overview the process in general. A brief but clear outline of the future steps makes the listeners understand the topic better. Remember how scary it is to start a new topic? But when outlining the key components, everything becomes simpler.

Without this stage, the audience will find it difficult to concentrate and to master the topic the way you want.

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  1. Make one step at a time

One of the best things about a demonstration speech is that it is clear and straightforward. You don’t need to come up with an engaging structure of all the twists and turns of a narrative story.

Here you should only render the stages in proper order. However, your task is to make the steps sequence easy and smooth. If it is possible, break the process into small steps to help the audience understand what you have to say.

  1. Don’t forget about adding variations and preferences

Now, when the audience has a clear picture of the process and its main stages, your task is to provide variations and extras.

For example, when you are telling how to bake cookies, after giving a regular description, it’s necessary to introduce alternative ingredients and different ways of cooking. This makes the speech interesting and diverse.

  1. Devote some time to questions

Choosing the right demonstration speech topics and allocating time for questions are probably the two most important aspects of the task. When devoting time for queries, you can explain complex details and help the audience master the process easier. No matter what the topic is, make sure there is enough time at the end of the speech.

  1. Give a brief summary

Finally, you should briefly summarize the procedure and name its main advantages. This allows the audience to understand the benefits of conducting the same procedure or task.

Best ways of improving your demonstration speech

  1. Engage the audience

One of the best ways to impress the audience is to involve it in the process. Ask questions, initiate discussions, and encourage them to make comments.

  1. Use visual content

You will greatly improve the demonstration speech when using visual materials. For example, when discussing how to make a cake, you can show pictures of every stage of the process.

  1. Engage your body

When discussing a certain physical task like swimming or playing soccer, you can express every step with a demonstration.

  1. Use follow-up resources

Sometimes presentation is not enough, and to get a better result; you should include resources, which the audience can use when the speech is over. These resources include books, pamphlets, diagrams, images, and even contact information.

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80 demonstration speech topics

  1. How to make wine;
  2. How to make a presentation;
  3. How to bake a birthday cake;
  4. How to become a president;
  5. How to make ice-cream;
  6. How to organize a wedding;
  7. How to design a website;
  8. How to become an astronaut;
  9. How to start a hotel;
  10. How to play baseball;
  11. How to format hard drive;
  12. How to play tennis;
  13. How to lose weight;
  14. How to grow a garden;
  15. How to get the best airplane seat;
  16. How to work with papers;
  17. How to dance salsa;
  18. How to pack clothes;
  19. How to travel cheaply;
  20. How to improve the front yard;
  21. How to take care of a bonsai tree;
  22. How to choose a smartphone;
  23. How to wash a car;
  24. How to upload files on a cloud;
  25. How to build a company;
  26. How to create an e-mail account;
  27. How to create a strong PowerPoint presentation;
  28. How to win in a video game;
  29. How to print photos;
  30. How to use a professional camera;
  31. How to make photos;
  32. How to install a TV;
  33. How to apply gel fingernails;
  34. How to do manicure;
  35. How to polish shoes;
  36. How to do makeup;
  37. How to choose proper accessorize;
  38. How to create a stylish wardrobe;
  39. How to frost hair;
  40. How to dye hair;
  41. How to choose a dog;
  42. How to use a microwave;
  43. How to bath a baby;
  44. How to drive a car;
  45. How to install a Wi-Fi router;
  46. How to change a diaper;
  47. How to eat clean;
  48. How to treat a broken leg;
  49. How to live with diabetes;
  50. How to brush your teeth;
  51. How to set a dinner;
  52. How to can apples;
  53. How to cook a vegetarian meal;
  54. How to decorate pancakes;
  55. How to make a quick salad;
  56. How to make a home-made sauce for a barbeque;
  57. How to make a jelly sandwich;
  58. How to make a fruit salad;
  59. How to prepare an omelet;
  60. How to cook lasagna;
  61. How to plan a five-course meal;
  62. How to do shopping;
  63. How to make graffiti;
  64. How to do origami;
  65. How to paint a tree;
  66. How to start a blog;
  67. How to behave on a first date;
  68. How to write a novel;
  69. How to swim in an ocean;
  70. How to tie a knot;
  71. How to start a WordPress blog;
  72. How to clean Uggs;
  73. How to use Photoshop;
  74. How to ride a bicycle;
  75. How to prepare sushi;
  76. How to stretch properly;
  77. How to make candles;
  78. How to make soap;
  79. How to make jewelry;
  80. How to create an iPhone app.


Demonstration speech topics and tips that you see above will surely help to get started with a powerful speech and catch the attention of the audience. Pick the one which interests you the most, conduct research, and put thoughts on paper.

You’ll see how easy and fun it is to perform in front of an audience when you know the material and feel passionate about the things you discuss. Good luck!

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