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Suitable Approaches for Drafting a Good Gender Equality Article


If you want to write a good gender equality article, you need to consider a lot of things. These pieces of writing are very sensitive, first of all. Also, you should be specific about your opinion and persuasive at the same time. How to do these and many other things we will tell you in this article. 

What Do We Mean When We Speak about Gender Equality Issues?

These matters are focused mostly on the relation of men and women, about the realization of both. Historically, this question worried women more because they suffered from men’s pressure a lot. But, modern tendencies show that men also suffer from cultural stereotypes about their gender roles. 

Another important point we want to speak about is the same attitude to men and women. At the moment, this is the most frequently mentioned issue. And it is the most well-grounded. It is focused on how to treat representatives of both genders equally but emphasize the specifics of both.

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Where to Look for the Inspiration?

If you have not been assigned a topic, this is a chance for picking something good. Luckily, there are many interesting things here to write about. First of all, you may focus on the history of this question. How did it emerge? What was the development of this issue? 

If you want to expand the modern development of gender equality matters, we suggest referring to various NGOs. They analyze different issues of the highest importance. Their reports usually are well-grounded and provide the results of comprehensive research. So, you may take such confidently for your writing.

Another approach we suggest is monitoring social media. They contain a lot of useful info on the topic. But, again, we advise you to look for experts here. Their posts and twits may give you an overview of the most important current issues as well as inspiration for writing about such. Various flashmobs in social media may also help to form an opinion about the most important and current gender issues.

What Writing Strategy to Choose?

As a writer, you may focus on describing a problem or searching for a solution in this course. For certain gender issues, you may speak only about it as a problem. These are cases when other persons’ actions are required, for example, to protect or not violate the rights. When you write about a problem only, we suggest you do this confidently but politely. 

To achieve that, pick only strong words that can help you to sound more confidently. To be polite, avoid blaming others for any mistakes. If you want to emphasize a certain problem, do this but focus on the party’s negative results that were an initiator of this problem. This can be more effective. Speak about your problem and negative outcomes for the other party.

For most gender equality matters, there is not only a problem but many solutions also. If you choose this approach, we suggest you emphasizing the existing problem and describing broadly possible solutions for it. You need to propose a solution and provide the plan for its realization, certain steps that should be taken for that.

For a better choice of style for your writing, we suggest you consider your audience. In some cases, more emotions may be required; for others – they could be too excessive. You should have the profile of your target audience in your mind. What is the average age of your reviewers? How can you preliminarily assess their attitude about this subject? What are their expectations?

For your writing also define its main goal. What do you want to achieve with that? Do you want to inform or persuade somebody about something? Your writing’s actual goal will define the scope of writing tools you will use for reaching such.

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How to Write a Gender Equality Article?

It is doesn’t matter what kind of complexity your topic is. You should always provide comprehensive research. This will give you enough strength to express an opinion and sound more confidently. You should always have an extensive scope of sources on your topic. This is the only way of developing a well-grounded opinion. If you need to continue supporting your opinion later, during debates, let’s say, your opinion will be backed by valuable info. For this purpose, only choose the reliable and accurate one. 

When you research this topic, we also suggest you make notes about it. These ideas will serve as a basis for your outline later. After your research, also develop the main thesis statement and place such at the beginning of your introduction. Make your outline and list all ideas from most to less relevant. If you touch on some controversial issues, we suggest you elaborating on arguments to support that. It is better to list such in your outline also. This will help you assess whether such arguments sound confident or not and correct them if this is necessary.

During your writing, it is always better to make a couple of drafts. Edit them after some time, including by using online editing and grammar checking tools.

Here is What Suggestions on Topics We Have

Gender equality matters are very broad. You may also experience difficulties when you write about such. So, we have prepared for you a list of topics with suggestions about things you should preliminary write about:

  • Why Emphasizing Gender Equality Matters is Crucial Today?

Cover all important modern aspects of gender equality. Why is it important to promote this issue and speak about it? For instance, this may ensure a higher level of culture of communication. Gender equality also may help in creating more comfortable relations based on trust. Pay attention to certain new aspects of this matter. And speak about, such as they are not obvious and familiar to the other side.

  • When to Start Speaking with Children about Gender Equality 

In this essay, you should present your opinion about the best age for starting speaking about these matters. Here it is especially important to do research and find credible info on the subject. Surely, some sufficient surveys and researches showed the age when children were flexible enough for understating and grasping the essence of gender equality matters. This topic is definitely worth developing.

  • What are the Most Effective Ways for Protecting the Rights of Women?

Modern right protection practice has developed a lot of tools and approaches for protecting women’s rights. Also, there are specialized NGOs and organizations that do this. You should review their website to find info about these means of protection. Writing about such can be very valuable for women who need that.

Write about sufficient measures that are required for ensuring better protection of women’s rights. These may be legal, organizational, political, etc.

  • How Flashmobs Can Ensure Gender Equality

This is a tool that had appeared recently. You should think about this topic also. Such flashmobs unite people who don’t know each other at all. Describing strategies for making such flashmobs, paying attention to the most significant ones will surely make your writing exceptional.

  • Does Men Suffer Discrimination Also?

This may sound unusual, but we suggest you consider this topic also. What stereotypes do men face? How do they cope with that? This is an unusual topic for writing we suggest you consider also.

Last Words

If you have an assignment of writing a gender equality article, you may have an interesting and good experience. You should only be polite when presenting your opinion and avoid too sensitive aspects for both genders. If you need to speak about such, do this politely. Do your research, develop an outline and good supporting arguments for that, and express your opinion confidently. If you experience any difficulties, you may always refer here for extra help.

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