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Controversial Topics Below Will Help You Achieve The Best Goal

Useful List Of Controversial Topics And Ideas

Before proceeding directly to the description of controversial topics, among which you can find the one that will please and interest you the most, we will talk about why setting a specific task is the most important task in the life of every person. One of the most valuable examples from your professional or personal life is a typical family situation. Imagine that you have a child and you need to explain to your partner why certain aspects should be key in the educative process. Perhaps, at the moment, professional growth is a higher priority for you than family life. In this case, you should understand that the conviction of the boss that your project can contribute to the success and promotion of the company is an extremely important and integral part of the work process.

Thanks to the ability to write essays on controversial topics, you can learn to convince people and qualitatively substantiate your thoughts. We have collected the best controversial topics that will help any category of students learn how to discuss common controversial topics!

A brief examples of the controversial essays

Before compiling a list of topics, we decided to give a few short examples with which you can accurately and clearly understand the essence of this phenomenon. Let’s get acquainted with the topics and comments on them:

  • Copyright Infringement. Although the negative nature of this issue is obvious, there are people who believe that digital piracy is an integral part of our information and democratic society. Here you should recall torrents, bitcoins, and other similar things, as well as analyze the impact that they have on our daily lives.
  • Legalization of cannabis. Nowadays, taking into account all disputes and organizational movements, the legalization of marijuana is a serious and important issue. Opinions on this subject may be different. If you are a student of a medical institution and know about all the dangers of this problem, tell us about it in your essay. If your opinion is the opposite, describe all the pros and cons.
  • Using drug for recreational purposes. This controversial topic involves discussions on the use of various substances as a way to relax. Express your point of view about this phenomenon and combine the analysis of the theoretical part with the practical one.
  • Supervision of the content and dissemination of information. This topic is identical to the previously mentioned issue of digital piracy. To one degree or another, the issue of censorship concerns each of us. That is why you can develop your persuasion skills precisely by writing an essay on this topic.
  • The politics of terror and the media. This topic is from the simple ones, despite the controversial coloring. You should analyze the impact of bias and media control on our society and everything connected with it. Remember that when describing someone else’s abnormal behavior, you should describe each side of the problem while remaining impartial.

100 controversial essay topics to enhance your creative skills

The first part of our huge list will be topics that are most interesting to teens. Meanwhile, if you still do not fully understand what a controversial essay is and what it is intended for, look at the end of our article and return here to choose the best idea after reading all the necessary information. In our modern world, teens are very creative and well developed.

Controversial Ideas for Teens

  • Is grammar a more important part of the learning process than speaking?
  • Do I need to wear a uniform at school?
  • Are cats less animal-friendly than dogs?
  • Is exile the only way to deal with rebels and hooligans?
  • How useful is daily exercise? How do you feel about the fact that this subject is obligatory at school?
  • Are desktop computers obsolete?
  • Do teachers need to use various approaches when teaching students of different ages? Share your own stories and suggestions!
  • Are paper books redundant in today’s technology world?
  • Should teachers be friends and communicate with students on social networks?
  • Describe the impact of the Internet on human behavior. Think of bullying and other forms of bullying online if your opinion is negative.
  • Is providing for parents in old age the responsibility of their child?
  • Prohibition of smoking in public places – is it right?
  • Are men learning new things better than women?
  • Express your opinion on the relationship between intelligence and human genetics.
  • Is a healthy lifestyle always beneficial?
  • Do I need to ban fast-food at school?
  • Can a child sit with what he wants at school or is this a teacher’s task?
  • Should a teenager be allowed to leave the classroom to the toilet at any time?
  • Why should the profession of a doctor be as highly paid as the work of a lawyer?
  • Is it necessary to study social responsibility at school?

Moreover, you can independently study various topics and combine them with writing a controversial essay, highlighting key points. Our experts have collected the most relevant topics that help students improve their skills.

People who study sociology and culture will definitely be interested in our list of pop culture topics. The 50 most important and pressing problems of our time are waiting for you!

Another part of our huge collection of controversial ideas is the 100 best topics in biology. Thanks to this list, you will be able to study science much more intensively.

The list of ideas related to history concerns the most important and problematic aspects of the socio-cultural development of both the United States and the world as a whole.

After briefly reviewing these ideas, move on to researching new topics for controversial essays!

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Controversial research

Any scientific topic is very extensive and often causes a lot of discussions. Let’s look at some examples!

  • Is it worth making the consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages illegal?
  • Is living in a metropolis better than in a small country house? Describe the pros and cons of each option and share your opinion.
  • Should some sports be banned at school, and what dangers can they pose?
  • Describe ways to prevent early pregnancy and describe other related aspects.
  • Why do you think animal testing is good or bad?
  • Is it worth giving children permission to visit a movie theater unaccompanied by adults?
  • Which state has the highest level of security?
  • Why is visiting the Olympic Games an interesting and useful activity?
  • Describe the pros or cons of creating an African Union, highlighting your position.
  • Describe the rights that national minorities should have.
  • Is the study of family values ​​a necessary school discipline?
  • Can a certain state get stuck in a conflict of two others?
  • Do I need to do regular drug testing at school?
  • Who is guilty of the September 11 attack?
  • Can religion be the cause of war?
  • Is it necessary to ban works of art that promote any kind of violence?
  • In what cases is the seizure of property fair?
  • Is marriage a relic of the past?
  • Can sixteen-year-olds be eligible to vote?
  • Which school discipline is most significant?
  • Tell about the impact of marriage on raising a child.

Conversational controversial topics

The format of ideas from the following list is the most suitable for debate. This activity will help you develop and improve many skills. Check out another couple of controversial topics that we have selected:

  • Express your opinion on euthanasia and how to justify it.
  • The impact of censorship on human rights.
  • Tell us about the deliberate crime of the law as a form of protest.
  • Describe the prerequisites for the existence of a UFO.
  • How do you think it is necessary to punish a child?
  • Dependence of development and change of morality on culture.
  • Do women have the same rights as men in work matters?
  • The harm and benefits of feminism as an ideology.
  • Is it possible to justify experiments on animals for scientific purposes?
  • The use of doping during sports.
  • Justification of restrictions for immigration.
  • Why can religious organizations be in danger?
  • Express your opinion on the death penalty and back it up with appropriate arguments.
  • Pros and Cons of the Nuclear-Free Status of the State.
  • Can government agencies control the privacy of citizens?
  • The problem of the legalization of drugs.
  • The effect of war on the politics of terror.
  • The immorality of censorship.
  • Should children be allowed to choose their own curriculum?
  • The impact of economic integration on country cooperation.

If the ideas mentioned are not enough, you can see other topics below. They were used by students of the best educational institutions of Great Britain and the United States of America. For this reason, these serious topics will definitely not leave you indifferent!

Controversial topics are used in writing research papers, abstracts and various essays. For this reason, studying the various details of your educational process is an extremely important aspect. And we can help you here. Indicate your task and ask our professional writers for help. You will receive a unique paper written according to your requirements. If the results do not suit you, all the money spent will be refunded!

Sharp controversial ideas for debate

The accent of this part of our article is focused on heated discussions. In such cases, the author needs to choose one clear position. Think of the task as a chart with a predominant number of either positive or negative properties. Look at the topics for controversial discussion:

  • Is it worth hiding truthful information from a person with a fatal disease?
  • Should sexual discrimination be punished? If your answer is yes, then describe how?
  • Express your position on the creation of a single government for all states.
  • Describe the harm that television brings to modern society.
  • Should euthanasia be legalized? Use Belgium as an example.
  • Which ads are unethical or discriminatory?
  • The biological basis of crime addiction.
  • Can tough rules help fight crime? Refer to conditional release information.
  • The autonomous existence of the church.
  • Should the punishment of juvenile offenders be as harsh as adults?
  • Improving the world order by increasing mass communications.
  • Ways to adopt homosexual orientation in different states.
  • The ethics of genetic engineering experiments.
  • Legalization of prostitution.
  • Abolition of the death penalty.
  • Woman’s right to abortion.
  • Which language is the main and most important?
  • Free education.
  • Is military service necessary?
  • Support for poor states by the richer ones.

Some general ideas for disputes 2018-2019

  • The final part of our article is the 20 most popular ideas that relate to teaching statistics. These include the following topics:
  • The need for a fixed school schedule.
  • Ways to prevent addiction to alcohol.
  • Should schools have a fixed schedule?
  • Can alcohol addiction be prevented?
  • Should we ban homework? Hahaha, of course! I just cannot write about it.
  • Organization of the process of entering a higher educational institution.
  • Did the egg appear before the chicken?
  • The existence of ghosts.
  • The benefits of healthy food and the harm of fast food.
  • The role of barter in modern society.
  • Is there a friendship after a romantic relationship?
  • Is regression in the final stage of progress?
  • Justice in the election of the President of the United States of America.
  • Vacation for raising a child for dads. For some states, this phenomenon is familiar. For instance, in Spain and Sweden, the possible leave for childcare is 13 days.
  • Is female behavior more complex than the male?
  • The duty of the UN to protect the cultural freedoms of society.
  • Cancel entrance exams.
  • The economic benefits of legalization.
  • The effectiveness of modern assessment in school.
  • Justification of corporal punishment.
  • Do we live better than our ancestors?
  • Free travel for college students.

Summary of the controversial essay

Writing this type of work is very similar to an argumentative text when your task is to research a specific topic and choose your clear position. You need to convince the reader that you are right. A distinctive feature of the controversial essay is that this topic becomes the subject of much debate and discussion.

Some good tips to help you write a unique controversial essay

Surprisingly, evaluating controversial essays is very specific. We decided to share our own experience and provide some tips to help you write a good job.

  • Be honest. Choose the point of view that you really share and which you are ready to share. Thanks to this, you can reinforce your position with good reasoning and a lot of details, as well as personal experience.
  • Focus on the flaws of the opponent’s position. Even a little hyperpolarization does not hurt for persuasiveness. But you must remember that you can only operate with reliable information. For instance, if you are talking about the legalization of drugs, write: “If drugs become legal, this will entail a huge number of problems and dangers. Moreover, legalization will affect the social and moral components of our lives. ”This is very simple and abstract, but the idea is clear. Use all possible arguments to show the correctness of your position.
  • Add a pinch of emotions. Your work should not be like emotional speech, but with this, you can definitely strengthen your argument. For example, when discussing the topic of legalizing weapons, you can use harsh phrases such as “How would you feel if your children killed someone?” And the like.
  • Remain unbiased and ethical while writing your work. If your reasoning about religion and reverent social issues is not traditional, keep your tolerance and common sense.

Should students seek online help with writing works?

This idea is not a topic for a controversial essay, because the answer is probably positive! The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Comfort and compliance with strict rules and deadlines.
  • Confidentiality and security.
  • Communication with highly qualified professional figures.
  • Possession of information about writing work and getting rid of anxiety.
  • Work at a time convenient for you and the choice of the most suitable learning style.

To get help with homework, you just need to fill out a simple form.

Before finishing the article and letting you start writing a controversial essay, we would like to clarify the need to focus on the format of this work. It is necessary because professors and teachers often find fault and try to find any shortcomings, even in seemingly ideal works. You should visit the Purdue Writing Lab platform. With its help, you can familiarize yourself with information about the writing and standards of the essay. Choosing the right idea for a controversial text is not an easy task. If you have an interesting topic that should definitely complement our list, indicate it in the comments.

Good luck to you!

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