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Educate Yourself and Master Skills with 50 Free Online Courses

50 Free Online Courses: Affordable Education for Everyone

Considering the situation in the world, people start working on transferring any possible working and educational processes into the online format. But in some ways, education has always been available online for those who want to study something new or master existing skills. We’ve collected 50 websites that offer different types of education, starting with craft courses and ending with real university programs.

1. UMass Boston Open Courseware

Here you will find a wide selection of courses in various fields like early education, biology, history, mathematics, political science, psychology, and many more. You can see the list of available classes picking the required area. There you will see the program, tasks, and recommendations. But there are no visuals like slides or presentations.

2. Khan Academy

The advantage of these free online courses is that the subject programs are divided into lessons, and they are available at once, so you can skip some topics you know and chose the ones you want to learn. This website is a video-based learning platform.

3. MIT Open Courseware

For those who want to challenge themselves with the MIT educational plan, this is the best choice. On this site, you will find the materials that are completely the same as in MIT itself. And you can request them any time, without sticking to the particular schedule.

4. Free-Ed

This is the typical educational platform with fields of sciences divided into categories and lessons. Also, here is a networking feature that can inform students whether there are any Facebook groups dedicated to the free online courses you choose. The drawback here is poor website navigation and design.

5. Learning Space: The Open University

Here you can download the courses you are interested in various fields. They are rated by students, so as soon as you pick the course, you can see how other people estimated it. This can help in choosing the programs.

6. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

To learn how to use this platform, you can check their explanatory on the main page. But the list of the courses is seen only to the signed-up users. This is a website for individual learning without mentorships or feedback.

7. Tufts Open Courseware

This website offers access to some materials from the curriculum, but they are posted up to the professor’s decision. But the convenience here is that you can see the available materials without registering. The information for some subjects can be pretty shallow and requires deeper research.

8. Stanford on iTunes U

You can watch these free online courses online or download the lectures you want. The great selection of materials is available to iTunes users. So if you want to apply for these courses, sign up and download iTunes.

9. Utah State Open Courseware

Utah State Open Courseware offers a simple algorithm of online education. On the website, you choose the course and get the lectures in MP3 format for each class. Also, you receive a file with tasks according to the materials from lectures. Mostly, this is an assessment of your knowledge.

10. Kutztown On-Demand Online Learning

This website offers materials mostly on business. Before entering the course selection, you will be asked to take a survey to get a customized list of courses on this platform. Each topic is presented with videos that are divided into sections. But there are no tests or tasks to check your knowledge.

11. USQ Australia Open Courseware

This is a source of free online courses mostly on technology subjects. The program is arranged with online lectures, notes, and estimation assignments. But here you cannot contact with students or instructors.

12. University of California Irvine Courseware

Unlike the majority of online educational platforms, here, you can get academic feedback for some selected courses. The list of programs is wide enough and versatile. Information about the selected course is provided in the Word document when you click on the title.

13. EdX

Here you can find a selection of courses provided by different universities like Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, and many more. One of the noticeable features of the EdX platform is that the classes take place at a particular time. As soon as you sign up for the course, you have to be there at the time of the lesson and do tasks. So, if you want to have a free schedule, this is not your option.

14. Coursera

Another well-known representative of free online courses platform that provides access to classes based on university programs. Here you can take classes from CalTech, Princeton, Duke, and other prestigious universities. Usually, every course lasts 10-14 weeks. This is a website with free learning and communication. You can even ask for feedback and a task check.

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15. Udemy

This platform is remarkable due to its selection of the courses. You can take classes taught by experts in the chosen field. You can learn a lot about digital developing, Photoshop, Business, and many more. There are a lot of very specific classes. But keep in mind that this is the place where anybody can create a course. So check the teacher’s bio and reviews before choosing the particular course.

16. Connections Academy

These free online courses are created for providing education for homeschoolers and other kids who cannot attend traditional school for some reason. The responsibility for controlling the learning process lies here on parents. Every lesson consists of an overview, the lesson itself, review, and test. The website provides all the required instruments for the proper educational experience.

17. K-12

This is another school-curriculum-based platform, which is provided by the country and available in 33 states now. If you live in a state that can work with this website, you will see the list of available courses. Some private schools can also use this platform for an additional cost.

18. GED for Free

For those who could not graduate from high school but now require their GED, this website exists. All you need here is to register as a student to start learning. The platform provides basic knowledge required for passing the GED exam. There are no advanced classes or activities.

19. Free World U

You will see the complete website features only if you are a registered user. This is a K-12 educational platform that is based on flashcard testing. This is a conditionally free website. But if you want to study according to the accredited program, with tests and certificates at the end of the course, you will have to pay a monthly fee.

20. CosmoLearning

CosmoLearning is a database of free online courses arranged according to the topic. Each class has a description where you can see what school presents it, how many students have taken it, and who your teacher is. But here you can only watch lectures, without any feedback, tasks, or assessments.

21. OpenCulture

This website provides the navigation for the existing materials, without offering its learning programs. Here you can find lectures on various subjects and topics from iTunes, YouTube, and other web resources. The benefit of this platform is the access to the free audiobooks database and free language classes.

22. New York University

On this website, you will find the archived math lessons provided by New York University. The lessons are provided in PDF format and available for download. Even though free online courses are good, the form of learning here is not very convenient.

23. Open Yale Courses

This is a great website provided by Yale. There is a wide selection of free online courses and subjects, which can be either downloaded or watched online. Every class consists of the video of the lecture that was recorded during the actual university classes, lecture transcript, and PDF-presentation. Also, every lecture is divided into chapters, so you can easily navigate or skip the unnecessary parts. But the best thing here is that you do not have to register to get access to the courses.

24. Gresham College

Here you can watch lectures on record or attend classes online. But this is the UK based college, so remember about the time difference.

25. Notre Dame Open Courseware

This website has a convenient layout and is easy to navigate. There are numerous courses available. You can find about the selected course, clicking on the button next to the course title. The description includes the curriculum, tasks, videos, and tests.

26. JHSPHOpen

This is a comprehensive courseware with a selection of topics and understandable materials. Every lecture is available in MP3 format with slides, recommended literature, and test at the end of the course.

27. Open UW

This educational website offers only 10 free online courses, which are available without registration required. But it offers a few opportunities, so you can look for some other options.

28. Udacity

This is an online university that specializes in computer science. The website has easy navigation. The learning process includes short lectures, with tasks and tests. All courses are free, and students can communicate via the online forum.

29. University of the People

This is a private educational platform that requires applications like traditional alternatives. Here you can get a bachelor’s and associate degrees in computer science and business management. This is a traditional remote educational institution, but free.

30. Academic Earth

Here students can find counselors help in searching for the right academic direction. This website offers some free lectures, but its main objectives are to help students in their future career searches.

31. Textbook Revolution

This website was created by students who want to make it easier to share educational materials. They can exchange textbooks, virtual resources, and links to proper free online courses. This website is good for material searches and networking.

32. The Library of Congress Files

This is a governmental website that accumulates files required for learning American history, literature, geography, technologies, and other subjects. All materials are free.

33. Alison

Alison is a platform with free online courses, which include lectures and additional materials in nursing and education. You need to register before entering the course. Each of them has a description with material outlines, the program, and the time, required for its accomplishing. Among drawbacks, you can find a bit complicated navigation.

34. Webcast Berkeley

This platform consists of the recorded lectures that you can watch on the website. There is no need to register to get access to them, but there are also no tasks or interactive. You just watch and understand the information.

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35. GCF LearnFree

On this website, you can find recommendations considering courses, classes, and learning tools. The program is aimed at developing useful skills rather than getting an academic degree. For some students, the navigation seems complicates a little.

36. Google Code University

These free online courses, provided by Google, allow studying computer science with all the required materials and lessons. It is suitable for independent learning.

37. e-Learning Center

You need to sign up to get access to its list of courses. Here you can study computer science and customer service software development.

38. Saylor

This is an online university that allows getting a degree at the end of education in numerous disciplines. The website creators ensure that your certificate will be equal to traditional education.

39. Master Class Management

This platform is aimed at educating students to get a business degree. After each class, you get a certificate. Although the site offers free online courses, some students say that Google ads are annoying.

40. Brigham Young Free Online Courseware

This platform offers a unique course selection that children still cannot at schools. Here you can learn how to have a strong marriage and family, how to be honest and righteous, respect history, and learn lessons from the past. Courses here have a religious basis, but still can be useful. To study, you have to register first.

41. University of Michigan Open

The University of Michigan provides access to its program via this online courseware with a wide selection of subjects and topics. However, there are no interactive or communication features on this platform. You just download the information and study it.

42. NLC Open Learning Courses

If you consider using this website, you should know that t offers a small number of free online courses. Basically, this is just a collection of online sources, arranged according to the subjects and topics. So there is nothing unique in its curriculum.

43. FlexiLearn

FlexiLearn is provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. As soon as you sign up on this website, you get access to its list of courses. All classes are meant for individual education without any feedback from professors. But you can contact with your course mates via the online forum on the platform.

44. Nixty

This is not a website for accumulating the existing educational materials, but a networking place for teachers, students, and educational institutions. You can sign up with your Facebook profile and learn online using this platform. To check all the features, you have to register at first.

45. Capilano University

This website does not have a broad selection of educational directions. However, you can contact with an instructor, and the curriculum includes tasks and lectures. Independent students can easily navigate it.

46. TU Delft

Here you can find courses that are equal to bachelor or master levels, and the program is arranged according to degrees. The website is convenient with understandable navigation. Entering the course, you get access to lectures, tasks, and tests in a wide selection of subjects and topics.

47. United Nations University

This university provides courses for learning disciplines in economics, electronics, governments, and so on. You can either download the lesson in PDF format or study it online. All courses are aimed at learning things for governmental and diplomacy professions.

48. Weber State University

Here you can find six online courses in technology, health, electronics, and English. The provided materials are available on other resources as well, but here you will find basics in narrow directions.

49. Universaid Colombia

The website is created for Spanish-speaking students who do not speak English. A great selection of courses is available for free without registration required. You just click on the course and start learning.

50. Kendal College

This is an online college that provides free online education by giving a certificate as soon as you graduate, which is recognizable in the business world. Here you can study disciplines connected to mental health, beauty and fashion industry, arts and crafts, constructions, and media.


As you can see, there are numerous opportunities to get an education and learn things you are interested in with free online courses. In some cases, it can be an update to the existing knowledge, while in other cases, you can develop new skills that can become a start for a new career. That is why, as soon as internet access is available, everyone can study in one way or another.

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