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Biology Research Writing as a Whole

Biology Research Topics: A Complete Guide For A Student

Biology is a fascinating world of prominent scholars and researchers. It has so many interesting and unknown things to investigate. To explore the depth of the biological world, one needs to dedicate great time and effort. If you are fond of biology, you can develop the topic of living organisms’ structure. But this isn’t the only direction. Molecular interactions and chemical processes are also considered to be a part of the biological world. This is a broad subject, and it covers a wide range of topics for profound investigation. 

When you get a task to conduct biological research, you should consider the problem as a whole. It will be impossible for you to research the subject and present an insightful result if you pay attention to a single aspect or process. The ability to work with different aspects of the subject can enhance your writing. And choosing the best topic for the project is no less important. Unless you make up a creative and mind-boggling topic, the professor can underestimate your effort. So, to make your project a winning work, make sure to follow these steps when drafting a paper on biology. 

Prepare for writing


Take your time and research the topics for the paper. Creating a table to compare the findings can help you keep everything clear. To make up a top-notch text, you need to cultivate the ideas for the presentation. If looking for the most appropriate idea isn’t easy for you or you don’t know whether the topic is good enough, look at the following questions, and find the answers to them:

  • Do you know the subject well? Can you talk about it? 
  • Can you remember an interview or an article on this topic? It is important to deepen the research and impress the reader with your knowledge. 
  • Do you have a neck for this topic? Do you feel like an expert talking about it? 

Take a quick look at these questions and give at least some short answers to them. It won’t take too much time, but it will help you understand where to go with your research project. 

Choose your topic

Finding the best topic is easy when you know the subject well and worked with it earlier. Your task is to conduct thorough research. But if you know little about the subject, you will probably fail. So, to conduct successful work, make sure to choose the topic you are familiar with. 

These tips will give you a clue on how to find the best topic:

  • Make sure your topic is broad enough to develop it and back it up with the arguments. But don’t choose a very broad topic. You will be lost in the amount of redundant information. 
  • Choose popular themes and try to notice how it can be represented differently. 
  • Find additional materials on biology and explore them. There you can find inspiration and finally decide on the topic. 
  • If you aren’t sure about your choice, go to your instructor and ask for help. Librarian is another person to point out the important things. 

Prepare the keywords

It is useful to keep track of the words used in the text. The more popular keywords you use, the better your article will be recognized by the search engine. Moreover, the professor will notice these words and will be able to better understand the basics of your paper. 

So, to create the list of keywords, you need to read the articles on your topic. Look through several texts on biology and define the most frequently used terms there. Do it beforehand to have time to make notes and don’t be in a rush. 

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Research examples

This is the best way during the preparatory stage. To come up with good work, you need to get inspiration. For this reason, you need to read a lot. It will not only give you the inspiration to write. You will see what is better to highlight and what should be omitted in the paper.

For example, when you chose a general topic, you have to figure out its subtopics and explore them separately.  

Now you know how to get ready for the writing. So, it’s time to figure out the topics for a paper on biology. Here we have gathered the topics for your research. So, don’t hesitate to learn the info and use it when working on your project. 

Biology research topics

Choosing a topic may be daunting unless you have a complete list of perfectly appropriate examples. 

  1. Cloning in medicine and its role in modern society. 
  2. Human cloning and the reality behind the breakthroughs. 
  3. The history of cloning: what effects does cloning have on our world today? 
  4. What are the reasons to hold back scientific progress? Who is to blame for restraining the discoveries? 
  5. Feminists and the concept of abortion: are these issues interrelated?
  6. How to treat psychopathic disorders? What treatment is proved to be the most effective? Can Oxytocin help?
  7. Vaccination: pros and cons. Why do we treat this issue so ambiguously?
  8. The state of environment and animals’ behavior: how do they respond to climate change? 
  9. Do anxiety and gut bacteria have something in common?
  10. What part of our body is responsible for thinking processes? 
  11. Why do sea animals use camouflage? What is the reason for such rigid protection from the outer world? 
  12. Traditional diet systems and their influence on our bodies. Has any food system been proved to improve our life or make us healthier?
  13. The beauty industry and its scales: why do the creators of cosmetic products treat animals so badly? Is it important to test the products on animals? To what consequences can this practice lead? 
  14. The evolution of microbial organisms: history and development. 
  15. How do weeds affect the earth?
  16. What influences the diversity of species? Does environmental change has something to do with it?
  17. How can genomic fingerprinting enhance the development of population studies? 
  18. Do we practice animal cloning these days? For what purpose? 
  19. Cellular communication processes in a human body: what effect does it have on us? 
  20. The development of the food industry: is it ethical to consume genetically engineered food?
  21. The issue of ethics: can we use cloning for tissues and organs? Who is in charge of such a “crime against animal”? Or is it ethically correct?
  22. How to make the biochemical diagnostics easier? 
  23. How to work with different ecosystems? What is the best way to distribute seeds and fruits most efficiently?
  24. What impact do music and noise have on our brain and memory processes? Does it distract us or make our work more effective? 
  25. How do our organisms respond to living and dead water? Is there any difference? 
  26. How does our body react to home dust? 
  27. Does Biology play a distinctive role in the life of people? Is it necessary to learn biology and know its processes? 
  28. How does biology influence developments in other domains? Is it helpful to use knowledge in biology in other professions? 
  29. Vegetarianism: is it simply a trend? Why do more people resort to this diet? What risks are waiting for vegetarians? Can anyone become a vegetarian? What is the ideology behind the diet? 
  30. Why did our brains increase in size over time? 
  31. The ecological balance on Earth is in danger. What caused such a disparity? Is it a growing population? Or is it a bigger demand for resources? 
  32. What is the cause of obesity? Can we say genetics is responsible for the metabolic rate in our bodies? Can people with obesity become thinner and healthier? 
  33. Do you take the Hypnosis theory seriously? 
  34. Ebola phenomenon: do we know enough about it? 
  35. Do we need to domesticate wild animals? Isn’t it egoistic? 
  36. Why is the issue of abortion so controversial? What is behind the abortion process? Is it ethical or physics matter? 
  37. Which biological discovery has concubines to the development of our society the most? 
  38. Sugar addiction: is it poison for people? Do we need to stop eating sugar? What will happen if we stop eating it?
  39. Is the healthiness of yogurts approving? Do we need them?
  40. Aromatherapy for finding the harmony in our lives: what effect does aromatherapy has on our body and mind? 

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