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The Role Of Dissertation Topics In Education With Examples


If you still think about whether you should become a doctorate or not, then leave all the doubts. This grade will influence your career a lot. That’s why you must make all efforts to do an amazing dissertation. Thanks to the Internet, you can use professional how-tos, expert assistance, great examples, unique resources, and additional materials. 

Also, you should pick up the best dissertation topic. Depending on your subject, you must build your paper structure and content. If you select a nice topic, then you help yourself a lot. But a wrong title may ruin your research even before you start it. Students usually have problems with the topic selection, so the following article will be helpful for you. 

If you need to find out how to choose a high-quality and exciting topic for your future dissertation, you may ask your professor for a bit of advice, talk to your friends, hire a professional author. But it’s better to start with yourself. Use the following recommendations and examples to see which options are better and create your fantastic dissertation topic. 

How to select a good dissertation topic:

  • Think about areas you are interested in

When an author writes about the subject he or she is passionate about, the content will be more exciting and qualitative. 

Please, not make a huge mistake at the beginning of writing, and don’t try to overcome your interest with a boring topic. This approach will play bad luck with you. 

  • Do your best on every step of your writing

The dissertation is a complex task that requires numerous skills and knowledge. If you feel the lack of it, then you should improve your opportunities beforehand. You need to understand that you should take care of the literature overview, research, resources, etc. Remember that the final paper directly depends on your efforts. 

You also need to find your main challenges. You need to deal with a new subject to show the audience you did a useful job. Remember that your dissertation must bring new and informative results to other researchers. So if your topic means a challenge in searching resources or doing research, then you must be ready for it;

  • Make sure you will be able to hold and finish your research

Writing a dissertation takes not only time but financial resources. If you need to travel somewhere to gather information for your topic, you must plan your budget. So keep an eye on the connection between the topic and your financial resources. 

Moreover, some topics require very high investment in the preparation and writing stages. It’s better to avoid them if you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars doing your research. 

  • Prepare yourself for unexpected challenges

Even if you know the topic very well, have experience in the exact area, and feel a great interest in it, you must be ready to reveal unknown things. This is a part of dissertation writing. All subjects include lingering questions, and yours is not an exception. 

That’s why you should be comfortable dealing with other people, asking questions, doing small research, and so on. Make sure you are aware of different research methods. 

  • Find relevant support

Usually, professors welcome students for consultations and discussions. You can ask questions and receive answers that may help you a lot. On the one hand, several tips from your professor can not change your writing abilities. But on the other hand, even a simple conversation with an expert will bring you unique and useful advice. 

Note that you are free to change your topic on the preparation stage. Some students select a subject, and after research, understand that there is another option for them. It is normal to change your position while you haven’t done your thesis and the whole dissertation. So let yourself the freedom to select a topic for your paper. 

You also shouldn’t be shy because of the lack of inspiration. If you don’t feel enough strength to prepare a research or even select a dissertation topic, you should overview good examples. Such an approach helps to find new and unexpected solutions to your problems. 

When you write a dissertation with dissertation writing service, you become a responsible author for your future. So take a look at these relevant dissertation topic examples and find out new ways for developing your paper. 

Dissertation topics examples for students 

This is a list of exciting topics that would help you to create high-quality content for your dissertation. All subjects are divided into several groups by the exact categories. Just by reading the following samples, you can learn more about academic writing and professional topic selection. 

Dissertation topics in education policy 

  1. Is the Sure Start program effective for the most disadvantaged spheres? 
  2. A qualitative research about the children to study English in these inner-city schools 
  3. Can SAT influence the making of new educational programs that allow creating a practice to hold regular tests?
  4. Is it fair to call 14-19 educational policies successful in the United Kingdom? 

Dissertation topics in children’s development 

  1. Bowlby principles in children’s development 
  2. The role games and other play activities in improving early educational progress 
  3. How the lack of language skills cause problems with reading 
  4. What means the teacher’s support during linguistic development in the context of high-quality and comprehensive teaching 

Dissertation topics in educational programs 

  1. The connection between educational models and plans for kids in secondary schools 
  2. The principles, advantages, and disadvantages of the national curriculum 
  3. Reasons to use the Internet to build better educational plans in science, maths, and other subjects 
  4. The detailed research of GCSE examination papers: main weaknesses and strengths 

Dissertation topics in learning 

  1. The role of reflective practice for children of all grades
  2. Why teachers must understand and use different styles of learning to teach students better
  3. What are the best learning strategies for diverse students 
  4. The best and worst techniques to teach kids reading 
  5. The impact of collaborative teaching techniques on the senior students’ education 

Dissertation topics in junior education 

  1. The advantages of the fixed development theory of Piaget for kids of early years of education
  2. Why a professional teacher’s talk has a vital meaning in young students education 
  3. The role of transition techniques between basic one and the first year of education 
  4. The comprehensive analysis of the Vygotsky theory for young pupils’ educational progress 
  5. How phonological experience helps to develop kids’ reading skills

Dissertation topics in home education 

  1. How modern technologies help to study at home
  2. How to improve motivation for students who prefer a homeschooling 
  3. The connection between homeschooling and socialization among college students 
  4. The educational success of students after home education when they come back to traditional schooling

Dissertation topics in primary schooling 

  1. The role of supporting staff in primary education at small schools in villages
  2. How an initiative behavior helps teachers and students to reveal the best practices for learning 

Dissertation topics in special educational needs

  1. What are the main advantages for students from SEN 
  2. The most beneficial formats of studying for students with special educational needs 


You need to estimate the role of your dissertation topic and take care of its selection beforehand. Use the following samples and tips to choose the subject you will be successful with. Be sure you are able to prepare an amazing dissertation with the relevant topic! Just take this information and prepare yourself well for writing.

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