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What Is Ged, and How to Get It?

What Is Ged And How To Get It: Get The Most Practical Recommendations

Education has lots of standards that are varied depending on the country you are from. There are so many different scales and the level of evaluation for various people. The complexity which is related to education is real, and it influences the life and career of every person.   

Nowadays, when you have a university or college degree, your chances of getting a well-paid job is way higher than in other candidates. Students in the USA cannot get a degree unless they have a high school diploma, and that is an evident thing. Are there any other variants that a person without this diploma can enter a university? We will discuss this topic in detail in the article.

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What does GED abbreviation mean?

Not to bore you with all the little explanations and meanings, let’s just mention that it is the abbreviation for General Educational Development. This test includes 4 major fields that are checked during it. Moreover, this specific examination can be taken only if the candidate is 18 years and older. If this topic is interesting for you, then just go on reading the article, and you will find out everything relating to the topic.

The reason why some people might want to pass it is related to the official standards of these tests. That means you get a replacement for the high school diploma and get proof that your skills and educational level in high enough to go further on. People who choose these examinations are either those who haven’t completed high school education, emigrants or were living abroad and want to return to the home country with a further continuation of the education.

We are so restricted with age limitations and lots of other social boundaries that an opportunity to have at leave the freedom to finish high school education or no not is just awesome. Sometimes, it is not only a desire to drop out but serious life circumstances that force us to choose another pass.

Sure, these are not easy tests that anyone can pass without preparation. However, such kind of flexibility is a great opportunity for lots of people to get official proof of their educational level.

Structure of GED exams

Now when you are aware of what is GED, you probably want to understand the structure of this examination deeper than the usual definition. So, as we have already mentioned, there are four tests which you have to pass, and here we will discuss each of them separately.


When most students hear the word “science” and 90-minute test, they usually start panicking. Such an assignment seems almost impossible to complete. Nevertheless, it is not true. According to the recent statistics, the percentage of participants who have successfully coped with all the tasks is really high, and it is almost 90. So, all you need is a little bit of concentration, basic knowledge about space, our planet, and so on. Try to be really attentive while reading assignments, use scientific reasoning, and you will successfully finish everything.


This test must be completed during the 115-minute time-frame. It includes two parts and starts from the simple questions while leading to a more complex second part. The general number of questions is 46. After reviewing this info, you may start thinking that it is too much for the completion of only 46 tasks, but don’t afraid you have an opportunity to finish everything earlier.

As for the equipment which is needed, you will be provided with everything, including an online calculator. Nevertheless, if you want to bring your calculator and don’t waste time on a new one during testing, you have a right to do this.

When speaking about the tasks, there will be multiple-choice assignments, drop down options, and drag-and-drop. While preparing for this test, don’t forget to recollect your knowledge relating to perimeters, roots, exponents, quadratic formula, and everything that is connected with the high school math curriculum.  

Language Arts

This test is 35 min longer than Math tasks. All the tasks seem to be relatively easy. They are mainly related to reading, grammar, and editing. Just try to be fully concentrated on the tasks, and you won’t have any problems. As for the assignments themselves, there will be different parts of texts the understanding of which you need to prove while answering questions. Also, you’re analyzing and summing up skills will help to pass everything successfully.

Social Studies

This particular test will check your knowledge relating to Civics, History, and Geography. Here you don’t need to memorize lots of dates and historical facts. The skill which is checked here is the average understanding of the world. Just try to concentrate on the context of the assignments and remember about the time limit of 70 min. That’s all the necessary information for this particular test.

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Important steps you need to remember about GED testing      

When returning to the topic of this article: what is GED and How to get it, you have received complete information relating to the first part of the question. Now let’s proceed to the next. Here are only 4 major steps that you should know about:

  • Try to collect all the necessary information about the needed docs, requirements, fees, age limitations in your particular region. It is highly important because some states, for instance, allow testing from the age of 16 while the average standard in 18.
  • The stage of preparation. Try to practice testing even if you are a hundred percent sure in your knowledge. You may pass some paid tests or use free resources, and it depends on your personal preference.
  • Make a registration where you indicate the proper location and should mention all the relevant information about yourself.
  • The last step is taking this test. It is possible to finish all 4 tests at once or to do this at a different time. So, it is up to you what variant is better right now.

Is it possible to get GED online?   

Of course, it would be ideal if it is possible to pass all 4 tests in the comfort of your room. However, such a situation is totally impossible. Maybe you have seen an ad that offers online testing for anyone, but it is a total scam, and you’d better don’t waste your money in such away.

The only way to get this certification officially and legally is to visit the closest local center and pass all the needed procedures. There is nothing difficult or strange, and you should google the nearest center and pass your tests there. If you want, it is possible to get an online consultation or a call to professionals. Nevertheless, the test itself cannot be done at home for lots of reasons. For instance, someone else could finish it for you.

What to do in case I didn’t get enough points?

Every person is a little bit nervous before the examination, and the idea of failure comes to everyone. Let’s deep into this topic more, the minimum score requirements are 145 points for every testing, and usually, it is not a problem to get them. Nevertheless, a whole new atmosphere may provoke such a nervous breakdown that you just couldn’t concentrate for a minute. Don’t afraid; everything can be easily changed.

There are 2 attempts to pass the test again immediately after the failure, and the next testing will be available after 60 days term. In such a way, you will have more time for the preparation and successful completion of this assignment.

Moreover, if your points are reaching this average standard of 145, but you are still unsatisfied with the results, you can also use this option and pass testing again.

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Summing up: what is GED and How to get it?

Now where you received all the basic information about this kind of testing, and you are aware of the whole procedure, time limitation, and even the type of tasks that you will see. It is a time to start preparation and especially concentrate on your emotional state of mind. Stress usually blocks brain functioning, so you should be in a good mood in order to pass everything successfully.

So, good luck and get those results which you will be delighted with! Don’t forget to pass a couple of sample tests prior to the real procedure.    

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