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Best Sat Essay Examples for students

Best Sat Essay Examples for students

What is the SAT? It is a Standard Aptitude Test that allows measuring your readiness for college or a university in the USA, i.e. it is an entrance test. It consists of the following parts: Reading, Writing and Analyzing, Math, the Essay (optional). In this article, we dwell upon the question of the Essay and give you some necessary tips if you want your essay to become a part of your success.

You worked your way through sections of multiple-choice questions, took your PSAT/NMSQT and now the SAT comes into view more substantial than ever. You take your time and only now you start realizing that there is an essay to consider. So you’ll have to research information, point out the key points and start writing sticking to the topic.

In case you end up worrying about the possibility of taking on one more section in addition to all of your test day endeavors, you can take a full breath and find out the SAT Essay is an optional task. An SAT Essay score is not demanded by your favorite colleges, it’ll be beneficial to consider SAT Essay instructions if you will decide to take the SAT Essay as one of your tasks.

Would it be advisable for me to take the SAT with Essay?

The decision is only yours, yet there are professionals to take the SAT with Essay—regardless of whether a school you’re keen on requires it or not. A conspicuous pro would say that it opens for you new potential choices of colleges, paying little attention to what you’ve settled on recently. Just having the alternative to apply some institution can open greater probabilities should your list of colleges change in any way, by the time you submit your application.

Furthermore, remember that while a few schools may not need the SAT Essay score, they still may suggest it as a part of the admission. In such situations, having the SAT Essay or not having the SAT Essay, you should understand that this essay score will support your results. It will let you stand out among hundreds of other candidates.

In case you still doubt whether you need to write SAT Essay, you should realize that if you already registered for the SAT without any Essay, you might be allowed to add the SAT Essay on the day of exams. Although the possibility to include the Essay at the test day isn’t sure enough.

Is SAT Essay recommended or required? To find out an answer to this question use the College Board’s policy search tool to discover what are the colleges’ requirements.

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Timing and format of the SAT Essay

The SAT consists of three parts: Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. 3 hours are given to applicants for these sections (excluding breaks). If you choose to write the SAT Essay that will add 50 minutes more.

When you will get down to the SAT Essay, you’ll be given a text up to 450 words.  You will be given 50 minutes, all in all, you will have to read the text, and answer the SAT Essay prompts. It will check your skills and writing abilities to analyze and evaluate arguments, used from such methods as reasoning, evidence, and others.

It will not help you to get a high grade for the part of the SAT under the question if you just write your opinion or summarize the text. Your task will be to point out the key points of the text and explain why and how they are mentioned. If you get ready for this assignment beforehand and thoroughly, you will already know what to do. This video is about the SAT Exam, it will assist you to comprehend how to write the SAT assignment.

How to conquer SAT Essay Prompts: valuable tips. Using the SAT Essay examples

The accomplishment of the SAT Essay relies upon preparedness as well as excellent performance. You should closely study the following information when you think about your plan to complete assignments tests and your approach upon the whole:

  1. Comprehend the SAT Essay Scoring System

While multi-choice answers are considered either right or wrong, the SAT Essay has three scores. Your essay will be scored by two persons and all separate parts of the test will be assigned a number from 1 to 4 for every assignment (to read, to write and to analysis). The SAT Essay reports show these two scores. Then the scores will be added up. So, for every part of the test, you will get from 2 to 8. For example, 6 Reading/4 Analysis/8 Writing.

The depth and quality of your comprehending of the passage will be reflected in your Reading score. The Analysis score indicates the quality of how you analyze the ways the author manages to persuade the reader.

As far as your Writing score is concerned, it shows the integrity of your essay, mastering the language and the knowledge of common rules of the standard variant of written English.

  1. Pay attention to Sample Passages and SAT Essay Prompts

Put some effort into surveying examples of SAT Essay prompts so that you could comprehend what is anticipated from you to get high grades in each of the scoring sections. Try to understand why the author used stylistic elements, evidence, reasoning, persuasive elements.

As you read through each of the model sections and relating reactions, think about how and why the writer used evidence, thinking, and complex or enticing components when you read every passage and its responses.

After you read and think over these examples, they will help you in building up your plan for writing the SAT Essay when the test day comes.

  1. Read professional writing news sources.

One more approach to expand your systematic analytical reading abilities is to regularly spend your time reading op-ed extracts from well-known news sources. For instance, scrutinize The New York Times two times a week and consider the publications and op-ed extracts to further sharpen your expertise. When you frequently use your skills and knowledge expected form you for the SAT Essay in your daily routine, the more prepared you’ll be to use them during this important test.

  1. Get ready through Practice Essays

When you practice SAT Essay responses, it will be a marvelous exercise as in the case with multiple-choice tasks.

When you use SAT Essay prompts examples, you will need approximately 50 minutes to work with them as it would be the case with the real test. Consider your answers, compare them with the responses of other students to find out your weak points in writing, reading, analysis. You need to get ready better for the test. Consider someone else, your friend or a relative to help you in your preparation giving more objective feedback. Khan Academy has developed a special tool for the SAT Essay that offers applicants to submit essays in real-time and get feedback.

  1. Read and check your SAT Essay passage scrupulously

On the test day, you will be anxious and nervous. It doesn’t mean though that you have to be in a hurry responding to the questions of the task. Before you start your written assignment make sure you understand the text, the author’s arguments. Remember, you should read the passage thoroughly, understand the main message, the arguments before you start writing. Take your time to comprehend the text and only then you may start writing.

  1. The beginning: Write your outline

After you’ve read the given passage attentively, you will need a minute to write a drought copy, where you write your thoughts and musings.

Use mind mapping with your methodology for a presentation, body, and conclusion when the data is fresh in your mind will guarantee that you won’t forget the main points by the end of the task. Write the outline, that will help you to see perspectives and a transition between the paragraphs.

  1. Strong introduction, strong key points, a strong conclusion

You should write your SAT Essay as you wrote essays at school, so it should be well structured, with parts connected with transition sentences. In your introduction, you should write a strong thesis statement that relates to the prompt. Interconnected parts of the body should support it. Your conclusion shouldn’t be just a summary, it may include, for example, an interesting insight or think of a broader context to put what you’ve written to.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry: editing

At the end of review try to leave some time though it’s not always attainable. It’ll give you the possibility to double-check your paper, find discrepancies or build more thoughts around the key points. You should wisely use every minute given for your task to check or alter what is necessary. You should edit and then proofread your task, it’s a must. Be as critical of your work as possible and try to present your thinking and the way you write in the best light possible.

  1. How to get the best scores on SAT Essay Prompts

Completing the SAT Essay test will show your writing expertise and analytical skills, how you know and understand the language and if you can express thoughts precisely and up to the point. The main ingredient of success in this exam is preparation. Though 50 minutes may seem not enough for completing this test, in fact, it is more than enough if you are well prepared to express your thoughts and write an error-free persuasive response.

The SAT Essay gives a chance to demonstrate logical aptitudes and composing ability. As with the remainder of the test, planning is the way to performing well. Fifty minutes may not appear as though quite a while to build up an elegantly composed reaction, however, with a quiet and rehearsed approach, you’ll have the chance to demonstrate your best work.

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