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Research Papers. Examples of How to Enjoy Your Writing

research papers examples

Probably there is no need to write a well-known definition of what a research paper is. It is clear for every student and everyone understands it in his own way. To make the long story short and maybe a little bit more interesting, when writing a research paper you will become a kind of a detective. Yes, why not? Searching for information, making conclusions and looking for evidence – isn’t it what was done by a famous Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot? The problem of writing a research paper is a big plus, as you base it on your imagination. Make your research interesting and exciting, become a mad scientist, who is crazy about his research and is deeply interested in it. The deeper you are into your topic and research, the easier it will be for you to do it. Don’t think that it is impossible to write a research paper on your own. Let’s leave ‘mission impossible’ for Tom Cruise. Your mission will be done and it will be done well.

Research papers. Examples and proofs of introduction’s importance

Unlike some other kinds of academic papers, research paper presumes the discussion of serious problems, claims or ideas, conflicts or divisive issues. In order to succeed with your paper, you should study all the materials concerning your topic and even the information that is nearly relevant to your question. Don’t forget about the conflict – you are to cover both parts of the question. It doesn’t really matter what topic you have. Any question in the universe has protagonists and opponents. This is a part of being human. You are to stay unbiased because writing a research paper isn’t the way to show what you really think. You are to show your skills of working with facts and information and the ways you can do it.

As in many other cases, in case of writing your research paper, the most difficult is to start writing. If you catch yourself on looking out of the window for a half of an hour without any idea in your head, you definitely know what I mean. Even if you think that introduction isn’t really the most important part of a paper, it should be written anyway. But don’t belittle the importance of an introduction. The best research paper is well structured, in which all the parts are properly thought out and connected with each other. Your introduction should be uninterruptedly connected with the main body and slip to the conclusion. So, how to get it started?

Research papers. Examples and tips on how to write proper introduction

The perfect introduction is based on three pillars: a hook, a thesis statement, and a research question. They are the main elements of introduction, so let’s have a closer look at them.

  • The hook is something that should catch your reader’s attention, make him curious what is written below. It is the beginning of the introduction, the first sound of your paper, the first impression you give. It doesn’t have to be long and voluminous, but it should be bright and sharp. You can use some famous quotations, anecdotes or statistics – everything you think is reliable for your topic and will catch your reader.
  • Research question or in other words the topic of your paper – something you are going to write about, concentrated in a couple of sentences. Well presented research question can be another hook as it should tell the reader what he can expect from your research paper.
  • The thesis statement is the final accord of your introduction. It doesn’t have any additional or new information. With its help, you will keep readers attention ready for the next part of your paper. A thesis statement is something like the answer to your research question. So, the better you ask a research question, the easier and clearer will be the answer.

Research papers examples. Introduction tips in short

  • Don’t make it long. Extensive reasoning isn’t for an introduction. Writing about nothing or something too general you will mar the whole impression of your introduction even if there is something good written inside.
  • Think well about a thesis statement. Choose the one, which will be supported with good evidence.
  • Write down your thoughts. If you don’t know how to start, take a piece of paper and write down all the thoughts you have about your topic. Continue with dividing all the written thoughts into good and bad ones. Start working with good thoughts.

Research papers. Examples of well-done outline

I sincerely hope that now you have a clear idea of how to start your research paper. But here is the next question – how to continue it? I won’t present as new what is known to everyone – a good plan is half of the victory. Your outline should be well done and thought out and as you have it done, writing a paper is as easy as shelling peas.

Just imagine you write about global warming effect. Here is a sample of a general outline.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Body. The various hypothesis of different scientists.
  1. 1 The reasons for global warming.
  1. 2 Development of warming scenario.
  1. 3 How to prevent a catastrophe.
  1. Global warming and humanity.
  2. The problem of the new Ice Age.
  3. Conclusion.

Research papers examples. Now it’s time to write

It is possible to read millions of tips but you will never write your research paper until you open the laptop or take a pen. The devil is not as black as he is painted. It is proved by millions of students.

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