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Research Paper Topics for College Students

Many students believe that the most difficult part of preparing a research paper is to think about the beginning of the text. However, many writing experts say that the most difficult and at the same time the most important part of the work is finding a proper topic.

Deciding on a topic that you like or the one that inspires you is able to give some extra motivation. Working with such topics is not only easier, but you also get lots of positive emotions dealing with the information that is truly valuable and important for you.

However, the topic must also be interesting and trending. Such topics can attract more attention of your auditory. For the same aim, it’s better to avoid too popular themes that are well-known or used by too many students. No one is intrigued by reading the same information several times.

It’s preferable to choose information that is fresh and unique. In case you choose some common topics, it will be hard to find facts that are not known to other people. However, if you pick something extraordinary, you are in the risk of finding no proper information at all.

Choosing a topic is not as easy as it may appear. It includes many aspects that very few students pay attention to when picking up a theme to work with. That’s why we decided that creating a useful, simple and detailed guide for choosing your persuasive essay topic can become a helpful solution for many scholars.

Below we have analyzed several approaches for choosing an essay topic.

Research Paper Topics Based On Your Interest

There’s nothing wrong in choosing a topic that would coincide with your interests. This method gives a lot of advantages and often saves some time, because it’s faster and easier to keep working with a theme that is interesting and familiar to you.

However, when you choose a topic relying on your own taste and interests, you must avoid some certain things:

  • Avoid too common topics
    It’s ok when you like things, which other people are also fond of. However, choosing something very common and widely known is the wrong way. These topics will not be interesting as your readers may already know all the information about it. You can choose one aspect of a popular topic that is still connected with the theme, however, opens more rare sides of an object.
  • Don’t choose very simple topics
    A simple research proposal gives you some advantages. You can have plenty of information and spend less time on preparation and data analysis. However, most teachers don’t give A marks for such essays. In order to impress your audience, choose complex and deep topics that are interesting and valuable for modern society.

Research Paper Topics Examples

This is only a sample,
if you need your own paper you need to:
Interesting Conversation Topics

View sample

Interesting Conversation Topics

This is only a sample,
if you need your own paper you need to:
List Of Good Research Paper Topics

View sample

List Of Good Research Paper Topics

This is only a sample,
if you need your own paper you need to:
Research Project Ideas

View sample

Research Project Ideas

This is only a sample,
if you need your own paper you need to:
Research Question Examples

View sample

Research Question Examples

This is only a sample,
if you need your own paper you need to:
Topics To Write About

View sample

Topics To Write About

Research Paper Topics Based On Availability of Information

The topic of an essay itself is the core of the whole work. Before making your final decision about a topic to work on, you should better check whether there’s enough information about it.

The perfect way is deciding on several topics primarily and then choosing one of them according to the amount of informational sources you can access.

Research Paper Topics: Examples For Students

Below we have published some examples of successfully chosen topics that may help you in picking up your own topic for a research paper.


  1. In which cases life-sustaining therapy must be stopped?
  2. Can placebo treatment be legally used in medicine?
  3. Alternative variants for animal testing.
  4. Possible negative effects of soft-drug legalization for medical means.
  5. Image of cow milk: shall people be warned about its potential danger?
  6. Possible negative effect of a vegetarian diet for younger children.
  7. The hidden danger of obesity.
  8. What should be changed in a system of children vaccination?
  9. Shall advertising of drugs be restricted?
  10. Role of doctors in increasing the number of drug-addicted people.


  1. Can modern tests be a real evidence of education quality?
  2. Possible ways of making higher education available for poor people.
  3. How college education can help in getting a higher salary?
  4. How should we change the educational program due to rapid changes in the world of high technologies?
  5. How can we make higher education more available for blind students? (Check out our 500-word essay)
  6. How can usage of social networks improve educational process?
  7. Should more measures of security be taken in schools and colleges?
  8. How to prevent kids from bullying others?
  9. Ways of testing innovative educational models in schools.
  10. How modern technologies can help to plan lessons in a better way?


  1. Which measures can be taken on a local level to slow down the effect of global warming?
  2. Comfortable alternative for using paper and cutting trees for paper production.
  3. Ways of managing the production of different goods in an environmentally-friendly way in the condition of rapid population growth.
  4. How films on environmental issues can help in solving environmental problems?
  5. Level of human impact in the destruction of forests.
  6. How can industrialization cause earthquakes?
  7. How to make buildings more hurricane resistant?
  8. Possible ways of improving forecasting of hurricanes.
  9. Minuses and pluses of GMO foods.
  10. The negative impact of nuclear energy on a human.

Entertainment and Sport

  1. Positive and negative impact of social networks on kids.
  2. Do action games stimulate aggressiveness or help in throwing tantrum?
  3. How beauty contests can stimulate the development of psychological disorders in kids?
  4. Shall it be banned to use animals for social entertainment?
  5. Is there future for newspapers in the world of hi-tech?
  6. Can gaming make a negative influence on adopting healthy life values?
  7. Should men and women compete against each other in sports contests?
  8. Is it necessary to control the content of TV shows in a stricter way?
  9. Which role does social media take in developing psychological complexes among children?
  10. Fake moral standards in society.


  1. What decision on drinking age can be taken?
  2. Cases when carrying a shotgun could be allowed.
  3. How to make gun control laws more effective?
  4. Ways of influencing potentially dangerous countries against developing nuclear weapons.
  5. Which measures can be effectively taken against ethnic killings?
  6. How can war between countries be prevented?
  7. How world history could change without global wars?
  8. Pros and cons of socialism.
  9. Shall death penalty be allowed?
  10. How to stimulate healthy partnership between world countries?


  1. How incorrect treatment can worsen autism symptoms?
  2. How to help children to adopt healthy behavioral patterns?
  3. Ways of reducing violence among kids.
  4. How to help relatives with a mental breakdown?
  5. Can classical music be a part of psychological treatment?
  6. Impact of insomnia on mental processes.
  7. Can nightmares and lack of sleep become a reason for depression?
  8. Can constant stress lead to serious health disorders?
  9. Impact of depression on immune system.
  10. Is it possible that talent is inherited genetically?
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