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How To Beat Turnitin: 4 Effective Strategies

Written assignments are always the biggest troubles in academic life. They are often given ‘not in the right moment’. These assignments are taking lots of time and power, screwing all the plans and making students suffer.

While the task itself may sound easy (like writing a thesis statement, page or two of a plain text), in reality, there’s a complex system of preparation behind each assignment. Do you always have time to go to the library, to create a detailed plan, to write, to edit and to format each writing paper your teacher asks you to prepare?

If you are an ordinary student, not a time-management guru and not a prodigy, then your answer is probably ‘No’.

To avoid a bad mark, students copy some ready works available on the internet or extracts of ready texts. It’s faster and easier and will help to pass some papers in time. Your teacher can’t read all texts in the world and can’t know whether your work is written from scratch or copied. However, the Turnitin program can!

How to Beat Turnitin: Principles of Its Work

Speaking formally, Turnitin is an online program that checks texts for plagiarism. The program compares the text with all written information published on the internet, including books, research paper topics, articles, published works of student’s, texts on the sites and all uploaded textual files.

Turnitin will find plagiarism not only in the case you downloaded and printed out someone’s ready work but also in a case you copied a phrase or a small text extract without changing it.

Speaking students’ language, Turnitin is the greatest enemy of all tired and desperate scholars, who tried to save their academic record, taking a ready text from the internet.

Your teacher can adjust the settings of the program. For example, if it’s allowed to use quotes, your teacher may make the program react only on bigger parts of the text. In a case, if quotes are not allowed, the program will react on separate phrases and languages, showing sources where they could be copied from.

How To Beat Turnitin Saving Lots of Time

The developers of the program created a great anti-cheating tool. However, there are ways to make your copied text appear original. It will take you some time and you will need to work on your text in any case. However, you will still spend less time than when writing your papers from scratch.

So if you have no time for writing an original text and can’t copy a ready work because your teacher checks papers with Turnitin, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Use Professional Services For Writing Your Essay
    If you are thinking about copying someone’s work due to lack of time or absence of your writing skills, you can easily apply for some professional help online. There are reliable services that can write your essay very quickly and it will be tailored in an excellent way.
  2. Paraphrase
    Turnitin reacts on those text parts, where the same words are used. However, if you change the structure of sentences and replace some words, the program won’t recognize the source and will indicate your text as a unique one.
  3. Change the Document Format (Check mla format paper)
    If you download your text as a Word file, change its format into PDF and adjust the text structure to a new format. Many students say this trick works and saves a lot of time. It’s especially effective if your teacher doesn’t know about this special method.
  4. Find Foreign Sources
    You can find a ready work written in another language, use an automatic translator service and edit the ready text. Editing may take more time than you think, however, it’s much faster than writing your essay on your own and if the language is close to English, it may take even less time than paraphrasing.

Why It’s Better Not to Cheat Even if You Know How to Beat Turnitin

All the cheating methods that were mentioned above may work and can be useful. However, they are not always effective, especially in the case when you deal with an experienced teacher. Many professors are already aware of the tricks and can recognize which text is written from scratch and which one is copied and adjusted.

Use these methods in cases of emergency, when there is nothing left to do except cheating. However, if you really care about your academic record and about your teacher’s attitude to you, write your essays on your own or use more reliable methods. One of the most reliable ways to pass your essay in time is to apply for professional help.

In that case, experienced writers will quickly prepare your writing assignment from blank and it will be absolutely unique and properly written!

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