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Basic Information On How To Get Into Harvard

Guide On How To Get Into Harvard: The Most Famous University

In this article, you may find some information about the training costs, the admission procedure as well as the common requirements towards the applicants. Naturally, you ought to be prepared and know enough facts and strategies to get into Harvard.

Harvard is the most ancient university in the USA, founded in 1636. The first level of education is at Harvard College. Each candidate for Harvard College is considered by two independent admissions officers. An important fact is that you cannot apply to Harvard for a bachelor’s degree with a completed university degree. Moreover, you should be aware that international students are admitted to the university on the same basis as U.S. citizens.

Besides, Harvard holds the Liberal Arts position that undergraduate education is as general as possible, that students can choose any course and subjects, and that graduates do not have a particular profession but are bachelors of science or, for example, bachelors of arts. The academic year starts at the beginning of September and ends in mid-May.

When should you send your application?

The deadlines for submission of the documents may vary. For your guidance, the applications can be accepted until the first of November and until the first of January, depending on whether the candidate wants to take advantage of the opportunity to apply early or to submit documents in the general flow.

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Admission procedure in Harvard

There are two ways to apply: by filling the Universal College Application or Common Application. You can fill out the application form on the website or download it, print it out and send it by regular mail. In addition to one of the mandatory applications, you must send the Harvard Application Supplement, school certificate, application form for foreign applicants, two recommendations from school teachers. To apply and create your own profile on the website of the university, you need to pay a particular sum of money (you may check) or attach a document, confirming that you cannot pay the application.

Furthermore, the applications must include the results of the tests and exams that you have taken. Once the application is finalized, the candidates may be interviewed at the university, its representative offices, or by graduates. However, you should note that not all the applicants will have an opportunity to do so. Thus, the Admissions Committee states that this situation will not count as a disadvantage for a candidate who cannot arrange an interview.

Enrolment requirements you’ll face while getting Into Harvard

how to get into harvard

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Now we are trying to explore the main specifications in order to gain a bachelor`s degree. Well, the age has to be from 17 years old, an applicant should have excellent marks in the school certificate and high marks for the entrance exams. No minimum score has been established, but most students have passed every part of SAT I and SAT II with a score of 600 to 800 so that it is possible to predict the approximate spectrum of grades.

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Key data about the entrance examinations

The SAT or ACT exam is a candidate`s choice; the SAT II exam includes two tests for checking the knowledge of the disciplines that the candidate wants to study further. Mostly, an international certificate, confirming the language skills, is not required. The SAT is the standard test for admission to a U.S. university. In SAT you can get from 600 to 2400 points. You ought to check the current cost of the exams. The exam includes three tests: text analysis, mathematics, and writing. So, you should start preparing for all the exams in advance, as it is necessary to focus on planning, studying, revising, practicing, etc.

Additional information

The cost of education at Harvard is sufficiently high so that calculating all the necessary expenses, it is really a large sum of money. You may check the latest information about the prices in order to know better the education fees for different specializations. However, it is a good chance to get a grant for those students, whose annual family income is lower than $65 000. In any case, you can find out all the necessary information in the individual format. You should search for actual information about different grants that may cover all the expenses or almost everything.


According to the given data, getting into Harvard is not a simple task. Although you have clear chances, whether you have some benefits from the following list:

  • Perfect marks;
  • Scientific, sport or other kinds of achievements and accomplishments;
  • Brilliant results of the entrance exams.

Of course, a professional consultation with a specialist, who prepares students to enter the top world universities and the tutors` assistance, may be very useful.

Actually, Harvard is an outstanding university with its deep-rooted traditions. It has got all the facilities for studying, carrying out scientific researches and becoming a true specialist. The professors are enormously qualified professionals who will lead you to the world of creativity, technology, and success. You will be studying with motivated and purposeful groupmates who will motivate and inspire.

The only step is to start, you may always try. Never worry about some problems or failures. You can always choose a proper university. You should study all the available information about the entrance to the university. Be enthusiastic, tenacious and do your best. Good luck!

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