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Home / Blog / Cyberbullying as a Modern-Day Challenge: How to Deal with Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying as a Modern-Day Challenge: How to Deal with Cyberbullying

How To Deal With Cyberbullying: Ways To Respond To Fake Comments

Are you familiar with the bullies? These are those mischievous children playing with other kids unfairly. They can push them around, terrorize their peers, call them different rude names or steal their toys, lunch, and even pocket money. When we are in our childhood, we are afraid of such individuals. After graduation, we hope to never meet such people again. But when we grow up, the bullies don’t disappear. They don’t exist only as young and nasty children. They become obnoxious bosses or those clients who are annoyed all the time. And these days, bullies have become a common thing for the online world. 

Online bullies are much more serious than a regular bully on a playground. They can harass both regular people and their businesses. They are called cyber bullies and act in such a rude way for some reason. They simply refuse to accept the opposite meaning or have something to say to the world but do it in a very rude and unpleasant way. But despite their purpose, they never support other people or help them. They simply show their anger and dissatisfaction with this world. 

These people play by their rules without paying much attention to what others think. They are arrogant and boorish and have no warm feeling even to animals. But the veterinary community says they also suffer from the synergy bullies attacks. They can rant about how much they disapprove of other people’s actions or ideas on social media, and such behavior can harm the work of businesses on social media. They feel comfortable hijacking pages, writing bad and offensive comments, or fake reviews. 

But there is good news too. You can win this situation if you find an appropriate approach and treat it correctly. If you know how to communicate with cyberbullies, you shouldn’t be afraid of your reputation on social media. These troublemakers won’t do you any harm if you know how to play their game. 

So, how to react when cyberbullies cause trouble? Read on, and you will find the answers to your questions. 

Best way to respond to negative

When you understand that bullying attacks are inevitable, you should calm down and remember to never stoop to their level. They can be offensive and very personal, but you shouldn’t respond in such away. If you decide to answer their provocations, you will look worse in the eyes of your social media readers or clients. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and your business has got in trouble, you can get receiving nasty and offensive comments from the bullies. But if you respond to them in the same boorish way, it will harm your name even more. Bad response from the restaurant owner will do no harm to bullies. But it’s a major risk for the restaurant and his owner itself. 

So, remember never to answer rudeness with rudeness. Try to look professional in any situation and follow these pieces of advice to stand the bullying attacks. 

Ways to deal with cyberbullying

Be attentive

If you own a business profile on social media, you have to always monitor the activity on the page or entrust your workers to this important task. If you can’t rely on any other person, do it yourself. Turn on the notifications on your phone and monitor what happens in the comments to your posts. Make sure you do it regularly, as well. Checking notifications can both show you bad traffic on your social media page and good engagement from your audience. So, don’t forget to actively respond to your loyal readers. 

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Develop a strategy

This step is important if you want to look more professional. Having a clear response strategy will make your managerial experience easier. If you don’t have a special assistant to help you deal with bad and inappropriate comments, you still need to have a plan to respond to such activity on your page. So, your response plan should consist of:

  • who is in charge of responding to bad and offensive comments;
  • when it is better to keep silent and when you need to speak up to defend your good name. 
  • when removing the comments is a good idea;
  • whether you should stick to your content plan, or it is better to change something. 

The plan will help you keep cool and react timely in the time crisis. 

Be selective when answering

In some cases, you will get a lot of negative comments or messages. The surge of media attention can happen from time to time. It can depend on different aspects. But your task is to be selective and choose whom to respond and how. You won’t be able to answer all the questions or address the complaints. Look through the comments and figure out the most frequent responses and answer them once. You don’t have to give your answer to everyone. 

Honesty is the best policy

Pretending that nothing is happening would be a bad idea. You will fool your readers by hiding the truth, especially if the cyberbullying attacks happen frequently. First and foremost, you have to be transparent with the audience and write your opinion about it. But be prepared that you will need to desperately defend your stance. To make a good impression and defend your business and good name, you need to differentiate your stance and uphold it. Let your readers understand what you fight for and why they should support you in the face of harassment. 

But if you understand that deleting some comments would be better, make sure to tell your loyal audience the reason for it. This way, you will show the best reaction to irrational social media abuse and set a good example for the followers. 

Now, let’s consider your favorite networks and find out how to deal with cyberbullies there. 

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If you promote your product or services on Facebook, you have to be ready that people can respond differently to what you say, write, and post. If a user says he or she is disappointed with your company, you have to listen to the criticism if it is rational and make appropriate amendments. But if the user repeatedly argues with other users, leave spam comments or uses inappropriate language, you need to act respectively. 


This is the first thing that you can do if you want to get rid of an unnecessary comment. You will find the option to hide the comments in the right corner of the message. This way, only the commenter, and his friends will be able to see the writing. Others won’t see the text. The method is effective because the commenter doesn’t get that his comment is hidden. He calms down, and you don’t get spammed with unnecessary things. 


This is a more drastic method since the user will see that the comment has been deleted. You risk receiving more comments from an offended user, so be careful with this technique. But if you want to get rid of a negative comment this way, we recommend you to explain the reason for such an action. Your loyal readers will understand if the explanation is reasonable. 


If the comments violate the policies, you can report them. But if you want prompt results, use another method. Facebook managers are a bit reluctant to address users’ reports. 


If a user’s behavior is awful, you can consider banning his profile. It means they will have access to your page and be able to share the content. But it will be impossible for them to leave comments on your page. This way, they can’t post nasty and offensive things on your profile. 

Bad words banning

Facebook allows you to ban certain words that you consider bad and inappropriate. You can do it through the settings. So, these words won’t appear on your page anymore. 

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If you mute the user, you won’t see any reactions from him/her anymore. It will help you if someone annoys you with too much spam comments and messages. 


If you block a user, he or she won’t have the possibility to follow you, tag, or send private messages. The user won’t be alerted that you have blocked his profile. 


This is the same step that you can do on Facebook. If someone causes trouble or offends you, it is better to report. 

How to protect the tweets?

When you protect your tweets, you make sure that only certain people can react in your tweets. So, people who aren’t your followers can’t retweet your message. But this couldn’t be the only way out. Protecting your tweets should be a temporary measure. 

Online review

If you don’t have an account in social media but have a website for your company, be ready to receive bad or rude comments from bullies. Unfortunately, reporting the reviews on such websites is a daunting process. You will spend a lot of time trying to ban or delete fake comments. But if you have a loyal audience and clients, they will understand that the comment is fake and won’t pay attention to it. 

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