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Graduation Speech Ideas for the Statement Worth Being Noticed

Graduation Speech Ideas And Recommendations On Doing This Task

Graduation is the event that underlines all the years of your studies in school or college. It is a speech where you can express your emotions towards your fellow students, your tutors, and your experience in general. The goal of such a speech is to thank your community. Also, it has to inspire the next graduates.  

Graduation speeches are not for students only. The schools’ principals often do them as well, and so do famous special guests – politicians, writers, engineers, and so on. However, in this article, we’ll focus on the speeches for graduating students.

Doing that speech is an issue of responsibility. In essence, lots of people will listen to you, shoot the video, and put it on YouTube. No one would want to produce a set of commonplaces. So, we’ll explain to you how to prepare a speech to remember, and which graduation speech ideas would serve you best of all.

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How to recognize the right graduation speech idea 

The theme of your speech is the first essential cornerstone of success. A speech itself means that you will perform it in front of the audience, and it is demanding. 

You need to grasp your pubic at once, and then you should give them the speech that they will enjoy and remember. To succeed, you have to care about the right topic choice. 

  • The graduation speech is a reflection of your personality – you have to be sincere. Or, you must be an Oscar-worthy actor. Consider the ideas that appeal to you, and where you have something to say.
  • Your speech should be personal and original. Refer to the areas where you can express yourself and share some exciting stories. Remember that your audience will want to get positive emotions.  
  • Consider your audience, as well. You know who will listen to your speech – use this knowledge to define how you can connect with them, and which ideas will resonate. 
  • Think of the speech tone. There are graduation speech ideas for serious or funny performances. You are the only person who can decide if you are more comfortable with exalting talks or jokes. At the same time, you can combine elements of both styles in your speech – the right combination will make it even more impressive. 

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Approaches for your graduation speech 

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to compose your speech in a serious or funny style. These are the two approaches with different requirements. 

Serious and inspirational graduation speech ideas 

In this case, you are supposed to talk about the things you genuinely feel for. It does not matter you can’t add some humor to make your performance more vivid. Still, the general impression should remain deep, soulful, and inspiring. You can use some elements of pathos, but be very careful with it. It is the most potent means; you have to be very skillful for it. 

Here, we’ve collected some ideas for your graduation speech. You can use them as-is. Or, they might lead you in the right direction for finding your original speech topic.

  1. The most important life lessons I’ve learned so far. 
  2. Friendship in college will be lifelong.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. 
  4. We make mistakes, as we are human, errors are to learn from them.
  5. The most prominent achievements we made together. 
  6. My best memories that will support me after college. 
  7. The challenges that wait for us in the future – we are ready for them!
  8. How important is to be yourself. 
  9. We always need to believe in ourselves. 
  10. Be a unique personality, and don’t hide your real self.
  11. Don’t give up, no matter which challenges you are to face.
  12. Strive for perfection, but it’s OK if you are not perfect. 
  13. Imagine and create! 
  14. Set your goals for the bright future. 
  15. Dream and follow your dreams! 
  16. The importance of our friendship. 
  17. Learn something new every day in your life. 
  18. Obstacles are here to overcome them. 
  19. My biggest mistakes and how they helped me to become better. 
  20. Try to look at yourself through the others’ eyes, but don’t let them define who you are.

Ideas for funny graduation speeches 

If you possess a great sense of humor, it will be natural to use it in your graduation speech. Good fun is excellent to evoke positive reactions from your audience. At the same time, it is critical not to overuse jokes – you don’t have to perform a stand-up comic performance instead of a speech. 

  • Select several jokes that will be appropriate for your speech and insert them evenly. 
  • Use humor for inspirational quotes – you can search for them on the Web. Explore the context where the “traditional” quotes get a new humorous meaning.  
  • Recall some funny moments from your school life. It is an excellent means to connect to the audience, as they can relate themselves to such memories if they had similar experiences.
  • Play with the clichés like “never give up” – introduce them in an ironic setting.
  • Let your audience respond to the humor – make pauses for them to laugh. 

Some ideas for funny graduation speech might be handy for you. 

  1. Why don’t we want to leave college?
  2. What are my mistakes, and what did they teach me?
  3. My warmest memories of my college friends – some funny stories. 
  4. What is the bid dream idea for me, and how to hack it?
  5. Why should you always trust your guts? 
  6. Don’t be afraid to join the game. 
  7. Embrace the changes or at least smile to them occasionally.
  8. No one has to be perfect – accept yourself! 
  9. Learn to accept the failures in style. 
  10. You can do anything if you can imagine it. 

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How to compose a graduation speech – tips for writing 

Choosing the topic for the speech is just the first step in this process. Now, you have to consider how you will explore it in your graduation speech.

  • Learn from successful speakers. Search for famous graduation speeches and note their structures and approaches.
  • Search for the appropriate quotes matching your topic. Ensure that they all relate to it directly and work to make your speech stronger. 
  • Create a basic outline to organize your ideas. Put the elements like memories, jokes, and inspirational statements in order. 
  • Work the introduction and the conclusion out. You need to greet the audience and introduce the topic of your speech at the beginning to grasp the public attention. In the end, you need to make a thrilling final of the speech and thank your listeners.
  • Read the speech aloud. The sound of the text is different from visual perception, and you can hear awkward sections or incorrect text rhythm.
  • Show the draft of your speech to people you trust. Feedback is essential at this stage, as other people can detect issues you missed.
  • Edit the speech until you are satisfied.

How to deliver a perfect graduation speech 

It is not enough to write an excellent speech, as you have to present it. It is a complicated task as well, but exercises will help you.

  • Learn your graduation speech by heart. The best way to deliver it is to speak directly to the audience. At the same time, reading or even peeking can offset your performance. Get your notes, but try to remember as much as possible. 
  • Define the time of the speech. There are limitations for such performances, as the audience gets bored with too long speeches. A too-short statement won’t work either – it often feels as incomplete. An appropriate time for a speech is up to ten minutes. 
  • Develop oral skills. Speak slowly and listen to your words. Consider the right locations for the pauses. Exercise the tone of your voice to express your emotions. And, of course, work on your breathing.
  • Practice much! Train the speech performance alone in front of the mirror (and notice your body language as well). Then perform the speech for your family or other audience you trust. Don’t be shy to ask them for advice. 
  • Connect to your audience – look at them and smile at them.

With a magnificent graduation speech, you can inspire the audience and share some useful advice. And they will remember you as an excellent speaker.

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