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Evaluation Essay: Let`s Write It Together

Guide On Evaluation Essay Topics: Find Your Best Topic Here

Before writing an evaluation essay, it is necessary to define what it is. In short, this is a writing meant to show the object, subject, or phenomenon from different sides. The main object of the evaluation essay is to demonstrate the quality of the thing from various sides. An unseasoned writer can do a mistake when writing an evaluation essay. Describing the problem from only one angle would be the wrong decision. This way, the description will be limited. The writer, however, has to introduce thorough research of the topic and deep analysis of the issue, so that in the end, there is enough evidence, data, and judgment. So, your task is to show the problem from different sides and introduce valid arguments. With no sound evidence, your work won’t be approved. 

So, before writing the evaluation essay, you need to learn the issue of writing the task and consider possible pitfalls. There are many aspects that you have to take into account, and choosing a topic is one of them. The success of your work will depend on the topic you choose. If it isn’t relevant or up to a point, you will probably suffer dealing with it. That’s why finding the best and most suitable topic is paramount for you. 

There should be two possible options for you. You can either get the instructions from the professor or decide on the topic on your own. In both cases, you need to stick to the rules of choosing a topic. If you are assigned a theme, you can still narrow down the list of possible topics and find what you like the most. This way, you will be more engaged in the process and feel more concentrated on the writing. But if you don’t have any instructions, make sure your topic is relevant and relates to the subject. For instance, if your task is to evaluate a trendy or controversial topic, you should be careful. The issue has been discussed many times, and you have to be creative to impress the reader. In this case, your success will depend on the right topic. We have gathered the most striking and awe-inspiring topics for the evaluation essay. 

Evaluation essay topics

Here you will find the topic for your essay. We have managed to gather the most effective and impressive topics for the evaluation essay. To make it even easier for you, we have divided the topics into the subgroups. So, make sure to look through them and find the one that you like the most. 

Food-related evaluation essay topics

Food is what all people like to talk about. The food issue is wide, and it isn’t restricted to food staples. The topic is much broader, and it touches upon different things. Talking about food issues and discussing it is funny. So, if you like the theme or have to write about it in your evaluation essay, read on:

  1. Frozen meal: do we need to consume it? Is it healthy and beneficial for our body to eat a frozen meal?
  2. Take away food: the pros and cons of using it. Is it safe to order meals from such services? What are the risks of dealing with such services? Food quality issue. 
  3. Evaluate your campus cafeteria. Are the meals tasty? Are they healthy and nourishing? Do the staff affably meet the students? Pricing policy issue. 
  4. Do you like fast food? What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? Compare the quality of your favorite fast-food restaurants. 
  5. Have you ever experienced working in a restaurant? How was it? What was the most challenging part of the work? Did the job meet your expectations? If you never worked at a restaurant, consider the issue from a client’s point of view. 
  6. Get your favorite pizza by either ordering it from a restaurant or eating it straight there. Evaluate the service and the quality of the dish. 
  7. Go to a restaurant or coffee shop and evaluate it per these criteria:
  • What it the vibe there?
  • Is the atmosphere affable?
  • The flavor of the dishes and their quality. 
  • How does the service work as a whole? 
  • Pricing policy: is it worth it? 
  • Your overall impression of the place. 
  • The design of the building, decorations, and different interior nuances. 
  • Waiting for the order. 
  1. Make a comparison between homemade food and the one from your favorite restaurant. 
  2. What is the most popular food place in your town or city? Do you personally like it? Does the popularity of the place is approved? Or is it just a trend? Give your opinion. 
  3. Do you consider buying pre-cooked supermarket food? Why? Are there any risks? Will you recommend your friends and family eating pre-cooked supermarket food and on what occasions? 
  4. Choose two restaurants with a different range of pricing options: a cheap and a lavish one. Compare these restaurants. Which one is better in terms of service and quality? Is the taste of food different? Pricing policy and your opinion about it. 
  5. Do you know restaurants serving homemade food? Why are they good? What do people like the most in such restaurants? Will it be interesting for a foreigner to try? 

Movie evaluation topics

Almost every person likes watching movies, either with friends or alone. That’s why discussing movie topics will be of great interest. So, what are movie topics for the evaluation essay?

  1. Develop the analysis of a movie based on the book. Is it better than the original? Is it worth making movies from books? 
  2. Think of the movies produced by a foreign country. Does it differ somehow? How can the movie depict the national peculiarities of the country? 
  3. Do you like movies produced in your home country? Why? 
  4. Watch a history movie and write your evaluation essay about it. Analyze the plot and the play of the actors. Did the director manage the task? Did he/she convey the atmosphere of the time?
  5. What was the last movie you have seen? Did you like it? What was the best moment in the movie? Was the scenario daunting?
  6. Do you like comedies? Evaluate the sense of humor in such movies. Are these movies funny? Has our perception of humor changed with time? 
  7. Name your favorite romantic movies. Do you like this movie genre? Do the scenarios always depict the romance as it is in reality? 
  8. Adventurous movie and its special effects. Do you like it when directors use computer-generated imagery? Does it arouse the interest of the audience? 
  9. How does a drama movie depict dramatic moments? Does it always look natural?
  10. Why is the musical a unique performance? What specific features does it have? 

Sports topics for the evaluation essay

  1. Do you have a fitness club in your hometown? Is it good enough? What are its sports facilities? Do you agree with the pricing and accommodations? 
  2. What is considered to be the most popular sport in your country? Why is it popular? Have you ever experienced playing this sport?
  3. Compare women’s and men’s sports. Are they different? 
  4. Watching sports on TV or experiencing live emotions: what is better for you? 
  5. Do regular sports influence the lives of ordinary people? 
  6. Doing sport to lose weight: is it effective? What is the most fat-burning sport that you know? 
  7. Does playing sport affect our mood? In what way? 
  8. Proteins, food supplements, and sports nutrition in general: do we need it to stay healthy? Or is it a plain marketing strategy? 

Technology topics for evaluation essay

  1. What new devices do you know? Are they any better than their previous versions? 
  2. What smartphone model do you use? Did you hear about its latest version? Do you like it? What new features have been represented there? 
  3. How does technology influence society? 
  4. The use of modern technologies in schools and universities: is it efficient? What is bad about using smartphones, tablets, and laptops in schools? 
  5. Do you use your phone when driving? Have you heard about the latest restrictions against the use of phones when being in a car? 

Website topics for the essay

  1. Evaluate popular social media networks. Why do people like them? What are their differences and similarities? 
  2. Have you heard about a new website that is currently gaining popularity? What do you think about it? 
  3. Do you use search engines? Do you find the information valuable? 
  4. YouTube phenomenon: why is it so popular?

Get professional help from experts

Now you know the topics to write a winning evaluation essay and understand that it isn’t challenging, indeed. But if you don’t have time to do it or there are other circumstances, you can always ask for professional help. So, if you don’t have the chance to create the evaluation essay on your own, ask an online writing company for help. 

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