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Cheating in College Strategies For Students!

cheating in college

College life is interesting and full of challenges. Even if you are a hard-working student with great self-discipline, you can’t study every single day without a rest. Teachers give so many tasks, assignments and additional sources to read that it may become impossible to master everything.

Moreover, the capacity of a human’s memory is not endless. Scientists say that only 30% of information stays in our memory with time. Our brain sorts out the data that may be more or less important for our life and profession and deletes those things that are recognized as not interesting or not important.

It happens that right before an exam we forget a huge part of the information that we’ve learned during a year. It can also happen that an important event or a bad mood stops us from learning and preparing for an exam properly. In that case, cheating can be the only wise solution in the situation.

Among the most popular cheating methods there are:

  • Cheating with written or printed cribs;
  • Cheating with the help of gadgets (smartphones, smartwatch, wireless pens, etc.);
  • Cheating signs (a kind of students’ body language that helps to spread correct answers).

Cheating in College With Written Cribs

The idea itself is as old as you can only imagine. Even our grandparents practiced cheating, using some cribs during the exam. In case you can’t remember something, just write it down on a paper or anywhere, where you can see it during your exam.

The ‘crib’ definition

Let’s imagine we are starting a cheating science here. In that case, the official definition of a crib would be a sheet of paper or piece of any proposal essay material, where you can shortly note some useful information in order to access it during your exam.

Let’s now go further, learning about types of cribs.

  • Simple crib
    The simple crib is a sheet of paper with some facts or text extracts that help you to answer correctly.
  • Crib bomb
    The ready pre-written paper that can be passed as your written work. To prepare the crib you can address another group of students or pupils, who had an exam earlier and find out which questions they had. Later, you can prepare a ready exam sheet and pass it to your teacher like it was written during an exam.
  • Invisible crib
    You can write an answer to each question on a blank sheet of a copybook making letters slightly bigger and pressing the pen harder. Then, remove the upper sheet and check: all words will be printed on a lower sheet. Such text will stay invisible until you look at it under a certain angle. Your teacher and your group mates won’t see it; however, you can guess some information printed on a paper later.
  • Crib-book
    Taking a big paper out of your bag can be dangerous, because your teacher may easily notice it. However, you can make a kind of a tiny book simply gluing some small papers with necessary information together. Such a book can be easily hidden in your hand, pocket or text-book and you can take it out without any great risk.
  • Table crib
    You can write some information on your desk with a pencil. Be sure that your writing can be easily removed later and is not very bright and visible.
  • Bottle crib
    Some professors ask their student to remove all the unnecessary things from the desk while having an exam. However, very few teachers would have something against a bottle of water or juice. Use the paper label to write some data on a bottle.
  • Clothing crib
    You can place a tiny piece of paper inside your sleeve. During an exam, you can easily get the research paper out.

Cheating in College Using Modern Technologies

Do you remember a popular cartoon about The Inspector Gadget, who had millions of useful tools in his hat? Just a decade ago the cartoon looked like pure fantasy. Now each of us can easily get great cheating gadgets and feel luckier than The Inspector Gadget during the scariest exam.

Let’s have a look at some cheating gadget practices:

  1. Simple electronic cribs
    Our smartphones and tablets can read all sorts of text format and images. You can download an electronic version of your book or take a picture of a text extract. The portable size of devices allows using them during an exam without attracting too much attention.
  2. Spy SMS
    If you get a difficult question and have no ready cribs, send a message to your friend. A friend can type you back with some useful data or sent a picture of a text that can help you.
  3. Mobile Internet
    Use your mobile internet to browse some answers or buy essays online.
  4. Earpiece
    A tiny earpiece stays invisible to a teacher. You can record some voice cribs for yourself before an exam or ask your friend to call you and dictate an answer.
  5. Smart-watch
    Smartwatches are relatively new devices and can be easily used for cheating. Some models have enough capacity to store text files or images, so you can read the data you need on a tiny screen of your watch.
  6. Camera Glasses
    This device is innovative, however, it can be very useful. The glasses that look just like some ordinary glasses you often wear have a tiny camera that can take pictures or record a video to be watched on any device later.
  7. Cheating pen
    Currently, there are two popular variants of cheating pens. The first version allows you writing or drawing anything by using its invisible ink. Later you need to switch on a tiny lamp on the pen’s end and direct the light to a paper: all words become visible under the light.
    The second variation is more upgraded. A pen has a tiny screen and you can read all the necessary information, looking at it.
  8. Hi-tech T-shirt
    Innovative clothes can be connected to your device, the information you need will be displayed on your T-shirt as a plain text.

Cheating in College Using a Secret Language

One student can do much, however, a group of well-organized students can make wonderful things. If your group mates are friendly and willing to help, together you can create a helpful ‘secret language’ that will leave no one in despair during a difficult exam.

We’ve found out three useful tips to make your secret language work:

  1. Signs – no words
    It is very expectable that students will start whispering words when they are trying to cheat or help their mates. Lots of teachers are strict with that and can create a system of punishments to avoid cheating during their exam. If you use visual or sound signs instead of words, your teacher will probably notice nothing strange during an exam.
    Signs work great during multiple-choice tests. Ask your friend to touch his or her right ear if the answer is A, to touch the left one if the answer is B, to crush a nose if the answer is C, etc.
  2. Write answers on each other’s skin
    You can write some notes on the back, neck, hand or another body part of each other. You can easily read the correct answer on the skin of your friend. Ink can be removed from the skin with any alcohol-containing liquid, like perfumes or hand-sanitizer.
  3. Be Respectful To Your Teacher
    Most of your teachers, even those who look very serious and strict cheated at least once when they were students. Now, when they are experienced teachers they may know all cheating tricks both from their student’s practice and from professional life. If it looks like your teacher notices nothing, it doesn’t always mean that it’s really so. Perhaps, your teacher is just giving you a green light and acts like that on purpose. Try to be respectful to your teacher and don’t use cheating tools too often.
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