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Start a New Hobby Now and Get These Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Will you be surprised if someone tells you learning foreign languages can improve your health? It sounds shocking, but it is true. The latest researches demonstrate that you will receive not only benefits in career but also for your body and soul. So you have no reason to postpone your education.

For example, if you speak two and more languages, your analytical skills will become better, you will take decisions easier, and postpone aging. Every person will be glad to add these skills to own personality. And every human needs to spend only several hours a week on this.

If the listed advantages of learning foreign languages don’t attract you, then the following reasons will make you change your mind. So be ready to make notes and pick a foreign language to learn to start from tomorrow.

The new level of the decision-making process

If you can speak a foreign language, your decision-making skills will lift you to a new level. This is not a simple idea but a real fact. The research of Chicago University demonstrates that you will be much better at analyzing current issues and choosing the best solution. And the reason for this benefit is Spanish, Greek, Japanese, or another language to your taste.

This benefit of speaking a foreign language is very important for every sphere of your life. For example, you will easily balance the two variations in making decisions. One will seem much better than another, so you wouldn’t face a dilemma. No more unexpected and hard situation in your life. It sounds very attractive, isn’t it? So prepare yourself for education and pick up a good course.

Well, monolingual individuals are not very short in making choices. It would be unfair to say that everyone who speaks just English can’t make decisions at all. No, you can make it okay. But is it enough for you? Monolingual people will definitely use their emotions than rational thinking. As a result, they can be unable to solve serious issues.

So, keep learning your favorite foreign language. There is no great deal are you learning it for business, for school, or for finding your soul mate on the other side of the globe. You will get a decision-making benefit day by day.

The better memory

A good memory is a very important skill for anyone. We need to remember everything from the birthdays of our friends to the deadline for your latest project. If you forget something, it could cause unpredictable consequences. Your relative may be disappointed, your client may be angry, and you may become alone without a job, friends, and family just because of a bad memory.

That’s why most children are required to learn poems and read books since childhood. These methods are meant to improve memory. They do really work; you can get better benefits from being bilingual.

As getting advantages from poems and books, your memory can also be improved thanks to learning a second language. Recently a group of scientists admits new research in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. It was dedicated to the role of multilingual skills for kids’ memory. Here are the most important arguments from that study.

First of all, the researchers investigated the cognitive abilities of kids in monolingual and bilingual families. The experiment showed that children from bilingual families have a much better memory. They require to use two languages during their everyday life that causes better skills in everything. The main method was an observation. The researchers analyzed how much information the individual can process during a short period of time.

Second of all, if a kid can speak tree and more languages, he or she will demonstrate much higher results than other children. So the result of the research confirmed that it is highly recommended to learn a foreign language even if you don’t need it. If you can receive a benefit for your career or personal life, then start your education immediately to archive the highest memory you can. But even if you study just for fun, you will be impressed with the results.

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The new span of attention

If you consider that learning a foreign language can bring you only better analytical skills and memory, then you will be surprised this is just a beginning. Let’s continue to ruin a myth about a moderate influence of education because there is much more information you want to know.

If you want to increase your productivity, you require boosting your attention span. It will help you to seize your cognitive skills. The research in the journal Brain and Language is dedicated to this question. Its conclusion shares a position that bilingual people have a better attention span.

Here how it works, when you speak two and more languages, you need to switch your brain from one language to another. Depending on the situation, an individual decides which option to choose in the exact situation. As a result, you will change your attention from one thing to another thing without using your mental skills. Your energy will be saved for other cognitive actions.

This switch will become a kind of exercise for your brain. You can train it regularly, and improve your ability to filter information, focus on important things, and so on. So, if you become bilingual, you will be much better at any job, like reading, writing, speaking, and so on. You will receive more firmness in your powers, so feel ready to face any challenge.

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The skill to make numerous tasks at the same time

Multitasking is a huge benefit for an individual in every area of life. If you can do several tasks at the same time, you will be very productive and efficient. Such a skill is essential for business, education, and everyday life.

To become a human with a multitasking advantage, you should learn a foreign language. The efficiency of being bilingual is proved by the NIH study. This research is focused on the better memory that multilingual people have. Thanks to better cognitive skills, they can fight with different types of distractions and concern about several tasks immediately.

Also, being bilingual teaches a human to switch its own attention between several prior tasks. Sometimes you cannot range your 5 very important tasks from the first to the fifth place. So it will cause pauses and delays in your work. But if you know several languages, your memory and attention span will boost. That’s why you will be able to separate your tasks and be on time with everything.

The better perception to other people and environment

Your sensitivity and perception are important skills though most people underrate these things. They prefer to boost standard knowledge and become moderate comparing to other people. Speaking several languages can help you with perception too. And here is real evidence of its efficient influence.

For example, the researcher from the University of British Columbia discovered that babies in bilingual families have benefits comparing to babies raised in traditional families. Even though they are too small to speak, they are able to distinguish sounds. As a result, having no real knowledge, they may understand that their parents speak different languages. It is fair not only for similar groups of languages but also for totally different pairs like German and Korean.

Such an ability to distinguish language is very useful. A baby can learn new words since childhood and improve its own memory and sensitivity to the outer world. This skill will also help him or her in the future in education, communication, and other areas of life.

That’s why babies from bilingual families may become more successful in their lives. They can easily learn two and more languages, study at college, find a good job, and so on. If you want to help your kid build a better future, you should start from yourself.

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The better intelligence

Our intelligence determines our personality and future. You may have bad grades at college but have better cognitive skills than other people. That’s why wise parents motivate their children to study but not just getting positive marks.

To boost your intelligence, you can use different tools. Among them are reading books, using educational toys, and so on. And learning a foreign language will also help you to improve your cognitive skills.

The study of researchers from the University of Edinburgh shows that bilingual and multilingual students get better results with tests. Your skills in reading, writing, and speaking will be better.

Besides, such benefits are important not only for current students but also for adults who want to learn a foreign language. Youth is the best time to spend on education because it is much easier to remember new words and grammar rules. And being an adult doesn’t mean you can increase your intelligence. So you should learn a foreign language no matter your age. It will definitely develop your cognitive skills.

The new heights in your mother tongue

Many people consider that if they start studying a foreign language, they will make more mistakes in a native language. They think their memory cannot include both systems of grammar and spelling rules, so bilingual individual will forget his or her mother tongue. What a pity, a misunderstanding!

When you learn a foreign language, you boost your memory, intelligence, and other cognitive skills. As a result, your brain works better, as always. Your skills in the native language will become more grounded and in-depth.

What to do with your improved skills in the mother tongue? Be sure you can make everything. For example, start writing, make speeches, make public speaking, and so on. Besides, your texts and emails will look more clever and pleasant, so your friends and colleagues will enjoy talking with you.

So, if you want to receive a double benefit from the one thing, you need to hurry up and start learning a foreign language. Make your mother tongue better as soon as you start speaking a new language for fun.

The bigger size of your brain

The brain of an average person is quite typical, but we don’t use all its abilities for fun. Scientists consider that if the size of this organ is bigger, then the individual will be smarter. And here is exciting research of Swedish researchers in the medical area.

The group of scientists decided to analyze the coherence between language skills and the size of people’s brains. They used the MRI method to find out the empirical statistics. So scans of bilingual people showed that several sections of their brains were materially bigger than standard sizes. Besides, such results were noticed just in 3 months of people studying a foreign language.

There were 2 groups of subjects in this experiment. The first one did the study, and the second one didn’t. The first group of individuals had to learn a new language and make MRI scans. The second group included only monolingual people. In conclusion, only 3 months of education allowed increasing the brain parts comparing to none-language students.

A stop to dementia

Dementia is a serious disease that hurts many people around the world. It is not enough discovered yet, so scientists can’t say how to stop it. But there are several efficient methods to delay dementia.

Doctors recommend people to make special experiences to keep the brain active and clear. Also, healthy habits may help. We will have more chances to stay away from dementia if we don’t smoke, play sports games, learn poems, etc. And one of the most efficient and useful habits is speaking several languages.

Researchers from India explain that bilingual life is traditional for Indian people. This is a norm, and speaking only Indian seems to be an exceptional experience. That’s why a professor from Edinburgh University insists that bilingual practice can become a much better cure than any drug to prevent dementia.

Scientists from Edinburgh University and Indian Nizam’s Institute of Medical Science shared interesting findings. The researchers analyzed more than 600 patients with dementia. They found out that bilingual and multilingual people usually started to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease symptoms 5 years later than monolingual patients.

Such statistics motivate us to learn a foreign language, isn’t it? Let’s think about our future today and use such a pleasant and efficient method to delay symptoms of dementia.

What are you waiting for?

No matter your status, job, or age, you should spend some time learning a second language. It shows impressive results for your physical and mental health. Even 30 minutes a day will give you numerous benefits. Just take your time and enjoy the process!

That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate and waste time on doubts. You can join a group of students or start individual education to receive all the benefits of learning a second language.

Here is the first tip for you: just take a small quiz to discover your current level in the preferred language. It will tell you how to start or continue your education efficiently.

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