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The Basic Principle Of A Classification Essay With Idea Samples

classification essay tricks

Classification essay is an essential part of each studying process regardless of the program. The experience that students get during the writing is invaluable. This type of work enhances classification and categorizing skills based on specific features. The beginners may find it complicated. Although, mastering the skills will increase the quality of text assignment after assignment. Breaking down the subject into smaller groups and analyzing these elements are a useful mind-training that helps in overall studying.

Classification Essay: Purpose and Structure

A classification essay has a classic structure: introduction, body chapters, and conclusion, including five chapters in total. Let’s have a more detailed overview of how to fulfill it stylistically correctly.

Some students get a task to organize the issues according to exact features. Other ones should choose the categorizing criteria by themselves. In the beginning, you should have a clear understanding of what you want to categorize.

In the introduction part of a classification essay, tell the readers about the reasons for dividing, ending up with a strong thesis statement that you will prove throughout the entire work.

The number of body chapters may vary depending on the paperwork length, but make sure that you are devoting a separate paragraph to each classification group. Each chapter starts with the criteria review. Adding the relevant examples that support the practicability of classification and support your thesis statement is essential. Make your thoughts flow smoothly from one chapter to another, look at the entire object from different angles.

In the final part, you should gather all criteria together, giving a brief analysis of the work in general. Emphasizing one feature among all of them is possible.

Writing Suggestions

Your next step is preparing an outline. To produce outstanding work, you have to:

  1. Determine the object and its criteria for grading. The splitting should be logical and feasible. Several classification charts are possible, depending on the theme. If you can choose, avoid the topics with numerous categories since these will enlarge your text and complicate the working process. Focusing on several features will be more efficient and understandable to the audience. Measure the depth of criteria you intend to explore, working out the standards of judgment in detail. Some themes include an overwhelming amount of features. Therefore, you should consider which side of it you want to discuss. For instance, technical equipment is a too broad topic. You may split it into gadgets, heating facilities, electronic kitchen devices, etc. Then you can work closely with a smaller group, clustering it according to its specific characteristics. 
  2. Graduate the criteria. The right order is vital in your discussion. Using it correctly will make your essay transparent, while incorrect usage will turn it into a mess. You can use the comparative and contrast technique looking back at the previous chapters to enhance some quality or emphasize similarities. Whichever object you review, start from the most significant features division guiding to the minor ones. Make sure that they all belong to one basis. The group must necessarily match the range.
  3. Create a thesis statement. Thinking through the criteria, you come up with your thesis statement. These few sentences should express the main idea of your paperwork. It should explain why this classification is worth attention, how do we use it in life, what do we need it for, which group has a crucial meaning. As the writing proceeds, you can adjust your thesis.
  4. Collect the bright examples. These are your magic sticks during the presentation that allow estimating your theoretical part vividly. Take care of gathering an equal number of samples for each category. Uneven ones will make your grouping less efficient. Use the appropriate examples only.

As with any academic assignment, a classification essay needs time and patience. The plan corrections are appropriate along the draft writing process.

The Most Frequent Mistakes in Classification Essays

A proper structure of each separate sentence and the paperwork entirely have paramount importance in a classification essay. The items of the poorly structured sentence in the classification essay are:

  • the pieces of text relate to other types of essays; use such words and phrases as «this kind of…», «a few types of…», «in this group…», «…separate into…», «classification according to…», «category…» extensively;
  • the idea is not precise or has a lack of sense;
  • Fragments of text are not connected properly, distorting the meaning.

The items of wrong classification essay structure:

  • poorly arranged paragraphs separation;
  • dividing a paragraph into an issue with a low meaning;
  • absence of developing the idea throughout the essay;
  • lack classification criteria or supporting facts.

Using too many groups may spoil the idea of classification. As a result, a student demonstrates his or her narrative skills instead of the classification ones. Contact your academic advisor or explore the ready examples of classification essays to see the correct classification methods.

To write an errorless essay, you should be a pro in your subject and have a clear understanding of the meaning of your paperwork. So be maximally attentive while choosing a topic, structure your thoughts gradually. To avoid mistakes, let your friends or relatives be your first audience. Read them your draft. The logical errors will be evident even to a person without writing skills. Your essay must be understandable to each person and engaging to listen to you. Do not forget to proofread the written text, correct grammatical and punctuation mistakes. 

The Examples of Classification Essay

There are numerous themes that you can choose from to write a classification essay. Here are a few ideas according to the subjects.


  • the source of protein for vegetarians;
  • the most nutritious food for athletes;
  • a balanced diet for students;
  • the right food is a path to longevity;
  • how to lose weight without sports performance;
  • harmless diets for weight loss;
  • diabetes provoking products;
  • the complex of necessary vitamins for well-being;
  • how to protect the supporting motor system from injuries during sports activities;
  • the harmful effect of water deficiency on the human body;
  • the protective measurements against the human immune virus;
  • the beneficial role of fruit and vegetables for health.


  • reasons of anxiety in teenagers;
  • the causes of mental illnesses in children;
  • stress releasing methods;
  • types and causes of fear;
  • the causes of post-traumatic stress disorders;
  • how to deal with a person with mental illness;
  • memory: types and mechanism of action.

Civil life:

  • ways of peacemaking over the globe;
  • the distinctive features of the most crowded states in America;
  • the causes of world conflicts;
  • the influence of music on teenagers;
  • new social tendencies during COVID pandemic;
  • the best time spending with friends;
  • ways of saving safety on the Internet.

Scientific achievements:

  • vaccination: pros and cons;
  • the types of observation equipment;
  • the influence of computer technologies on the human brain;
  • radio waves as an integral part of modern technology;
  • computer history review;
  • the positive impact of technological progress on the economic situation inside of the country.


  • types of water activity;
  • ways of maintaining the right weight;
  • the weirdest sports activities;
  • team sport and its types;
  • the legendary car racing competitions;
  • Olympic games kinds of sport;
  • the best sport for children;
  • the categories of gyms.

As you can see, there are so many themes that you can categorize. Choose the topic which is familiar to you and get the best grade for your classification essay. 

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