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List of Technology Topics From Experts


Technology is taking over our lives more and more. Ordering food, taxis, household goods, and even drinking water are firmly settled in our smartphones. Thanks to technology, whole factories are now operating, helicopters fly, and houses are designed. Not spared informatization and education. 

Many American students associate their lives with universities and colleges in technology directions. Among the most popular educational institutions are the Polytechnic State University and the Institute of Technology in individual states. American students, whose budget is significantly high, can study in prestigious private institutions. The most popular private institution is the California Institute of Technology.

Teachers like to ask students to write essays, articles, and cases at technological colleges and universities. Most often, students are faced with such a problem as the choice of a technology topic. We want to note that the topic’s choice depends on the specialty and the course being studied. Whatever specialty you study, your task is to choose the most convenient topic that will affect your interests.

What Is a Technology and Why Is It Important?

Technology should be understood as the totality and sequence of methods and processes for converting raw materials that make it possible to obtain products with specified parameters. With this view, the key link in any technology is the detailed definition of the result and the precise achievement.

What Should I Write About Technology?

Science has come up with a lot of exciting and useful things. From biomaterials to artificial hands. From an artificial kidney to contact lenses that train the eye muscles at night. From high-speed aircraft to high-speed electric trains that save time. From digital libraries, online universities, and courses to advanced deep crustal drilling rigs. Therefore, you can choose any technology.

How to Choose a Technology Theme: Helpful Steps

When students first sit down to write a technology essay or article, they often don’t know where to start. Many students search for topics on the Internet and grab the first one they come across, ignoring the essential elements that the article should contain. But today, there are many strategies for choosing a topic that makes the writing process much more comfortable. Therefore, before writing an essay, check out the helpful guide that describes all the steps of choosing a topic.

Understand Your Assignment

The first thing every student should do is study the topic in detail. Please don’t skip this step, as it is not easy and requires attention. Conflicting and complicated terms may arise in your topic. Sometimes there are confusing schemes in technology articles, so it is best to study the topic not to make mistakes. Each teacher gives an outline for writing an essay – read it carefully before work. If you doubt technological terms, meanings, do not be afraid to approach the teacher and clarify all incomprehensible words.

Find Topic Idea

The second step is to come up with an idea for what you created an essay for. If you skipped the first step and understood all the terms, this step is the most important. If your teacher did not provide a list of topics, look for ideas in relevant research articles. Look for ideas that interest you. Why should you touch on the topics that interest you? 

If you are well versed in the subject, you are more likely to create a quality essay. Perhaps at the selection stage, you do not know your interests, then carefully study the scientific article and make a list of those topics that hooked you from the first moment. Based on the available material, you can choose the most suitable topic.

Read About Your Topic

Sometimes teachers ask students to create bibliographic lists. These are lists where the specified information materials and publications of reputable scientists you used to write the text. Technology is an exact science, and you will need scientific articles to confirm the words. Accordingly, to correctly compose these sections, study the materials on the topic in advance. 

As you review the literature, take notes, and see what other writers think about your topic. To confirm your ideas, use the statements of authoritative people in the form of quotes. The teacher will know that you are serious about the job.

Choose a Question to Research

Technology is a very broad topic. Therefore, select the specific issue that you want to cover in the topic. For example, very often, students choose such a topic as “Technologies in everyday life.” Students can say a lot on this topic. We recommend breaking this topic down into several questions. In each paragraph, you will raise an important issue about technology and tell new information. 

For example, one paragraph may consist of such a question: using the computer in everyday life, and the next paragraph may consist of – using the phone in everyday life. Your task is to focus on specific issues and not deviate from the topic.

There are five types of technologies:

  • Behavioral technologies;
  • Financial technology;
  • Manufacturing technologies;
  • Information technologies;
  • Socially technologies.

So you may choose the one you liked the most and create papers.

Use Sources From Other Writers

If you have chosen a fascinating topic but could not find relevant literature, then do not despair. Most often, other scientists use the sources of their colleagues to write articles. Accordingly, at the end of the article, you will see a literature list and find books in libraries.

55 Technology Paper Topics

We understand that it is difficult for you to find ideas for an essay. To help you overcome your creative crisis, the experts have compiled top topics that can surprise teachers.

Health and Genetic Engineering

  1. Can modern technology improve genetic experimentation?
  2. Who was the first to apply technology in genetics?
  3. The most damaging consequences of the use of technology in genetic experiments.
  4. Why is it possible to recognize the human genome through technology?
  5. Recombinant DNA technology – what are the features and amazing facts?

Relationships and Media

  1. Has the use of technology helped improve relationships between people?
  2. Is media development related to technology?
  3. Why do people get technology addiction?
  4. Why can’t the media live without technology?
  5. Is the interaction of media and IT good for society?

War Technological Topics

  1. What are the toughest tech wars you can describe?
  2. Can technology destroy a country?
  3. What technologies are used in military strategies?
  4. Why is Japan the most popular country for developing technological weapons?
  5. Why does the computer become dangerous for people?

Information Communication 

  1. Why does telecommunications give people more rights to express their opinions?
  2. What are the consequences for the phone user if personal data is stolen?
  3. What are applications available for instant international data transfer?
  4. What is the future of ICT?
  5. What does the future hold for power plants?

Computer and Robotics

  1. How do IT specialists create schematics for robots?
  2. Can robots exist without computer science?
  3. What types of robotics are known today?
  4. What are the dangers of using robotics?
  5. Robots are evolving – what changes can we expect?

Space Technological Topics

  1. What technologies can be used to monitor life in space?
  2. How is space exploration carried out?
  3. What technologies were used by researchers to capture space images for the first time?
  4. What technologies are used to design satellites?
  5. How are astronauts trained for space flight with the help of technology?

Education Topics

  1. What technologies do students use to study remotely during the coronavirus?
  2. Can robots replace real teachers?
  3. What are the most popular applications students use in education?
  4. Can technology improve study at universities?
  5. How does technology negatively affect the educational system?

Technology Topics for College Students

  1. Information and information processes in nature, society, technology.
  2. Computer science and its components, central areas of application.
  3. Classification of information technology by scope.
  4. Methods for processing text information.
  5. Methods for processing numerical information.
  6. Graphic information processing methods.
  7. Supporting and functional information technologies.
  8. We distributed functional information technology.
  9. Object-oriented information technology.
  10. End-user information technology. User interface standards.

Technology Topics for University Students

  1. The use of information technology at the user’s workplace.
  2. Information technology assessment criteria.
  3. Graphic representation of the technological process, menus, data diagrams, program interactions.
  4. Software tools for solving information problems.
  5. The main categories of software and classes of operating systems.
  6. Hypertext methods of storing and presenting the information.
  7. Multimedia information processing and presentation technologies.
  8. Economic aspects of the use of information technology.
  9. The role of information technology in the development of the economy and society.
  10. Information resources and information potential of society.

The Final Insight

Technologies are rising and make our everyday life easier. Everyone should learn them. Yet students have to pay more attention to technologies since they define the future of our living. So choose the topic and get more knowledge about your future!

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