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Home / Blog / Scholarships for Veterans of the U.S. Military: Types and Conditions

Scholarships for Veterans of the U.S. Military: Types and Conditions

Scholarships For Veterans

One of the privileges for the men and women serving in the Military is a system of educational scholarships and grants. The country thanks to these people for risking their lives. In exchange, they receive the opportunities to find their ways after discharging. No doubt that proper education is essential. The access to it helps the veterans to switch to life at home.

There are many educational programs for veterans. Some of them are governmental. Many are founded and supported by military associations. In this article, we’ll review the list of the current programs and their conditions and benefits. 

Programs run by the Federal government

The Montgomery G.I. Bill program for returning veterans 

It is the best-known program — the G.I.Bill provides financial aid of about $37 000 to cover the college costs. The money can be spent on tuition, books, and housing.  

It is not the exact amount, in any case. The numbers depend on each case. The officials will take into consideration the time a man or a woman served in the Military and their personal contributions. To become eligible for this program, the veteran should have an honorable discharge, and apply for this aid within ten years from the release from service. 

This sum of money can pay for three years (36 months) in one of the accredited schools. There is a list of colleges and universities that participate in the G/I/Bill program, so veterans have a choice.

The Post 9/11 G. I. Bill – a particular extension 

This extension to the Montgomery G. I. Bill program provides special privileges to personnel who joined the Military right after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, and till December 11, 2001. 

Special attention is for those with service-related disabilities that caused them to discharge. Of course, the aid will depend on the time served, having an honorable discharge, and personal achievements. 

Veterans get financial support to cover all educational costs for 36 months. This aid applies to public colleges and universities. However, private schools are also members of this program, and the ex-military men and women can apply for financial support to enroll in those colleges. A separate Yellow Ribbon Project is dealing with the case.

Private and public scholarships for veterans on the national level 

The G.I.Bill is not the only option for veterans – there are many scholarships for veterans, each with different criteria. They all have the same goal. It is to help the veterans to obtain the desired high education. Let’s name some of the most famous examples. 

The AMVET National Scholarship Program

It is a supporting program for G.I. Bill. As we’ve already mentioned, that program covers 36 months of education. However, it might not be enough. The AMVET system can provide additional resources to veterans.

Conditions: an honorable discharge and being a student of one of the schools accredited in G.I. Bill. The applicants can get an additional $1000 each academic year to pay the college costs. The student can receive this amount during the three years.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship

All veterans with the Purple Heart award are eligible for this program of the scholarships for veterans. Also, this scholarship is available to dependents of the military servicemen and women awarded posthumously. The amount of financial support depends on the needs of each case.

The American Legion Scholarship 

To apply for the annual award of $1000, a veteran of the legion needs to enroll in one of the accredited colleges.

Tilman Military Scholars program 

It applies to all military personnel, both the veterans and active-duty servants. They can submit for the financial aid, and the Tillman Foundation will decide the amount of the award.

Condition: GPA of no less than 3.0. The application must include two essays about why the aid is needed. 

The Troops to Teachers Program

It is one of the government programs supported by the U. S. Department of Defense. They provide personal financial support to those veterans who pursue the teaching job. 

The aid is for applicants who take responsibility to work in schools with a high need for teachers. The amount of the award depends on the academic achievements of the candidate.

Colleges and Universities scholarships for veterans 

Many schools across the USA cooperate with the U.S. Military. Among them:

  • Michigan State University;
  • Grantham University;
  • De Anza College. 

There is also the Disabled Veterans Assistance Program supported by many colleges. As it is clear from its name, it helps those veterans who received injuries during the service causing the “disabled” status. The financial support they receive for a college education is traditional: to cover the tuition costs, books, housing, and the rest of college expenses. 

Special financial assistance programs funded by the U.S. Military

There are educational grants and scholarships for veterans and their families, as well as loans that the military personnel can apply for. The most prominent are the following programs: 

The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

You can find its branches in many colleges and high schools in the USA. The essence of this program is that the future officers of all Military branches can receive financial aid while they are college students. They get appropriate training and take courses in military sciences. After that, they become officers and serve the term in the chosen branch of Military Forces.

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Military branches individual grants and scholarships

The principle of these programs is the same as described above: a student makes a contract with the U. S. Military. It is a widespread part of Military recruitment. They encourage young men and women to enlist, and the educational scholarships become the arguments in favor. It is honorable, but a very responsible decision.

The following programs are in place for servicemen and women wishing to get the college education:

  • The Air Force Tuition Assistance Program for active-duty personnel. The amounts of awards depend on the time served. In general, it can cover a part of the educational period, or provide the funds for all the tuition costs.   
  • The Navy College Fund is for military sailors, both active and retired. Applicants can get financial assistance if they meet the general requirements of the service and possess honors.
  • The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is for service-members and their families, including dependents. Each case is individual, and its conditions define the amount of the aid. 
  • The U.S. Army’s Survivors and Dependents Assistance Program for the families of the service-members who got disabled or was killed in the line of duty. The program can cover full-time education with all tuition costs in the colleges/universities that participated in the program.

The military service in the USA is honorable. A college education is just one of the benefits that the state can give them as gratitude for their service.

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