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Personal Statement Medical School Is Here: Find Out How to Write It

Personal Statement Medical School Is Here: Find Out How to Write It

A personal statement is a part of your admission application which you submit to a college or a university. In it, you can show your personal traits important for your future profession, your strong points and things you are enthusiastic about.

If you want to produce a lasting, good impression on a committee of admissions of the medical school, you should understand the significance of your personal statement. If you perform well during the interview you can get up to 70% of your entire admission score together with your personal statement.

Medical schools prefer to enlist clever, sympathetic, candid individuals. In this article, you’ll find out how to write a convincing med school personal statement that will show your unique personality and your strong sides.

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What typical topics you get for a personal statement

A part of your med school primary application is your personal statement. You apply through either from TMDSAS (applicants from Texas) or from AACOMAS (mind, that if you want to enter a Canadian medical school, your application has to be confirmed through your school, because not all applications are sent through AMCAS).

In these applications, you can come across rather wide topics and a lot of approaches are applicable. For instance, you can write on such topics as:

  • an event that altered your opinion of medicine;
  • the life experience that you consider to be a challenge;
  • your relationship with a motivating person;
  • your hardships that you’ve faced choosing your future profession;
  • what motivates you in your study.

If you submit some secondary applications to different schools, to write an additional couple of essays can be a must. In them, you will have to answer a particular question. As committees will look through your application as a whole, you should pick the topic that matches and complements your primary essay.

Instructions for medical schools: how to write a personal statement

If you want the admission committee to comprehend you better as an appropriate candidate, you should use the following tips:

  1. Write, have a rest, write some more!

You should permit yourself half a year of writing to make your paper ready for submission. It enables you to get your first pass, put your draft away for at least 24 hours, double-check what you’ve written, and alter your draft, if necessary.

  1. Remain centered.

Your personal statement should spotlight the most amazing parts of your adventure, for example. You don’t have to tell all your life stories. Pick a topic, adhere to it, and reinforce it with explicit examples.

  1. Stay away from the cliches.

A lot of people like science and feel the need to help someone. Though these may be your earnest interests, yet a lot of people may write about it. Your task is to write about something more particular.

  1. Write about something unique in you.

What side of you no one else knows? Keep in mind, there are difficulties, victories or disappointments in everybody’s life. You can dwell upon your unique reaction to these circumstances. To make your personal statement more individual and producing a lasting effect, add more of your vision upon life events.

  1. Be entertaining.

Begin your paper with a catchy sentence or two to grab the reader’s attention before you start telling about yourself. Your admissions committee should be intrigued to read further.

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  1. Show by real examples.

Rather than informing the members of your admission committee concerning your traits, show them by the stories with examples. Only to say isn’t enough, demonstrate it by examples.

  1. Use the 5-point plan.

You can use a simple yet powerful plan for your essay:

  1. The introductory 4-5 sentences to catch the reader’s attention.
  2. The body consisting of 3-4 paragraphs. Write here who you are.
  3. The conclusion. It should be one of the strongest paragraphs that echoes the introductory part, briefly states who you are and gives a challenging perspective for the future.
  4. When writing is expressive it is simple.

Skilled doctors and good medical students use concise language. So should you. Your essay should be easy to comprehend.

  1. Mind the transitions between paragraphs.

Make sure you use sentences of different structure and length. You should mind the way your paragraphs are connected by transition sentences.

  1. Adhere to particular rules.

There are special rules concerning word count for applications. For AMCAS – 5,300 characters, for TMDSAS – 5,000, and for AACOMAS 4,500 characters (counting spaces).

  1. Try not to deviate from the topic.

Stick to the topic, unnecessary information confuses the reader and uses characters limit. There should be three-five ‘sparks’ by which you want to be remembered by the admission committee.

  1. Writing about yourself don’t go to extremes.

Be careful not to be too self-flattering or, on the contrary, self-condemning.

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  1. You should use different opinions.

Before you submit your personal statement you should ask some people to read it and to express their opinion. If you spent a lot of time writing the paper, it’s unlikely you’ll notice the errors yourself. The opinion of someone who has excellent writing skills will be significant.

  1. Check your application.

You should edit and after that proofread your personal statement. Correct the structure of your sentences, punctuation, and spelling. You need to have an error-free application. For example, one of the most frequent oversight is to reference a wrong school in your application. Take your time to edit and proofread your papers properly and thoroughly.

  1. Your personal statement is very important so the best decision for you will be to consult a specialist.

To get a detailed analysis of your admission application and your personal statement consult our med school counselor. We offer help in writing an impressive personal statement that tells about your skills and achievements, and, what is also important, your enthusiasm and adventure.

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