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How To Write An Opinion Essay To Get Good Results?


Opinion essays are amazing assignments. They teach on how to present your opinion and considerations. These writing tasks also can help you in gaining the skill of persuading others. But, while writing essays, many students face certain difficulties with sharing their thoughts. We know how to tackle such effectively and will share with you our tips here.

What Any Opinion Essay Is About?

As its title suggest, this essay is about your opinion concerning a certain subject. This means you have a topic and should form your point of view about that. It can be positive, neutral, or negative. But, in the case of the opinion essay, you should always provide arguments additionally to your thesis statement. 

If this is necessary, you should also provide examples that support your opinion. Such examples should be based on the actual and verified information on the subject. We even suggest you looking for such in the first turn. This way, you may reaffirm that your opinion is coherent with the real state of things.

In the case of opinion essays, it may also be necessary to address the opposing perspective. We suggest you think about how it may sound and develop your counterarguments. But, this part should be closer to the final of your essay. If we speak about this opposing point of view, you should also provide your arguments, why do you consider it as wrongful. These are the basic things that your opinion essay should cover. Now, let’s look more precisely at the structure this essay should have and its preparation stages.

Writing Process and Tips

Your writing should be reflective and analytical by nature. As we speak about your opinion on a certain subject, you should think about your considerations and emotions about such. Write them down and think about how you can condense them to form a final view on the subject. This will be your thesis statement. Other considerations will be auxiliary to it.

Even if this essay is personal by nature, you should also ground your opinion well. This type of writing work requires careful analysis also. This means you have to research a topic well, collect credible info, and pick evidence that can support your opinion. In the outcome, your opinion should sound not only as personal but also as well-grounded.

The style of writing should be more neutral. You need to be confident in presenting your opinion. In most cases, pick strong words in the active forms. At the same time, remain polite about discussing certain aspects, especially controversial. You should not sound too offensive. If you touch on specific sensitive matters, we suggest you emphasizing that this only your point of view.

To help you in choosing the most appropriate style, you should think about your target audience. You write this text for it, so try to create in your mind its approximate profile. Based on such, develop the most appropriate manner of writing that can sound persuasive.

Structure of a Good Opinion Essay

The classical approach for writing an opinion essay is dividing it into three main parts:


In this part of your essay, you should write a brief introduction sentence. It is a good idea to create such in the form of a hook. It can bring a problem, interesting info, statistics, data, etc. After this hook, place your thesis statement and pass it smoothly to other parts of an essay. Your transition sentence should be short and close by its meaning to the next paragraph of your essay.

Here is your checklist for this part of an essay:

  • Does your introduction grab the reviewer’s attention?
  • Does your intro contain a summary of the main ideas of your essay?
  • Do you see nearly at once a strong thesis statement in your introduction?
  • Does your point of view is gently connected with the subsequent content?

The main body

In this part of an essay, you should write about supporting arguments and examples you have. Try to connect logically your arguments and pieces of evidence you have. Also, your task here is to place more strong arguments forward.

We suggest you also devote the last paragraph of your essay to a counterargument. Formulate clearly such and ground why you think this view is inappropriate.

For the main part of your opinion essay, we suggest you this checklist:

  • Have you provided and developed at least three points of view?
  • Are your arguments supported with relevant pieces of evidence?
  • Have you included only strong arguments to support your point of view? Are there any controversial statements that should be restarted or removed?


Sum up all your considerations in this part of an essay. Here you should form a real concentrate of all thoughts you have previously developed and expressed. Carefully think about this part of an essay. You should leave your readers with good impressions. Make your opinion remarkable and unforgettable. Hooks are welcomed here also.

And this is a checklist for your conclusion:

  • You have not placed any new information in your conclusion;
  • Your principal opinion is restated in other words;
  • The last sentence is impressive and induces to read it again or at least remember your opinion.

What You Should Do after Writing

After you have developed an essay, always set it aside for some time, at least for a couple of hours. Return to it again with fresh views and polish. To make that, you may rely on your effort or use various editing tools. We suggest you apply both approaches. 

Also, check the format of your writing. If you have certain requirements, follow them strictly. Another good advice we can give you is using various grammar checkers to verify your grammar and punctuation. But, to be surer about fixing all errors and omissions, we suggest you printing out this work and reading it from a paper. This can help greatly with proofreading your essay.

Good Topics to Practice and Our Suggestions

Here is a list of suggested topics we want to share with you:

Social entrepreneurship is a prospective type of doing business

Describe in this essay your suggestions about social entrepreneurship. What are the perspectives of its development? What benefits can it bring to society? How to make it more profitable?

The relation between equality and discrimination

State here why it is important to see the relationship between these tendencies. What things determine the predomination of one or another? How do you personally assess this relation? How does it impact the development of society?

Dogs are better than cats (or cats are better than dogs)

Share with your opinion about the type of animal you consider as better ones. What traits do you like? If somebody has doubts about choosing one or another, what arguments you want to place for persuading this person.

Dealing with bullying

Express your opinion about this tendency, its preconditions, and outcomes. Propose a certain way on how to tackle it or decrease its spreading, at least. 

Ways for promoting learning

It will be interesting to read about your opinion on effective learning. What ways of its promotion do you consider as the most beneficial? How do you see the practical implementation of such?

The best present

Describe what aspect can make the present look like the best for a person? How does a present perfect look exactly for you?

E-learning vs traditional learning

Which manner is more effective? What advantages and disadvantages they have? What future has both of them?

Last Words

An opinion essay is a kind of writing that can help you in bringing your thoughts about specific matters. Make comprehensive research, develop your thesis statement and arguments, describe such by using supporting info, and make this confidently and politely. Writing this essay can bring you a good experience. But, in case of difficulties, you may always come back here again.

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