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The List Of Religion Essay Topics


Selecting a topic in religion is a very challenging task. On the one hand, you should be objective and share rational thoughts about your subject. On the other hand, everything about religion is very sensitive. If you are afraid of making the wrong choice for your research paper, then the following list of religious essay topics is very on time for you. 

Writing an Essay on Religion

Besides being afraid of making a good choice among topics, there is an additional reason for stress. You should also select the proper type of academic paper. Usually, students decide to write argumentative essays on religion. This writing format means that you need to investigate the topic from different sides and share your personal opinion about it. That’s why your term paper writing allows you to show your analytical skills and vocabulary. 

Nice Examples of Religion Essay Topics

Even one good topic sample will play a great role for students. You may understand the way you should do your research and find out which subject is better. But if you are able to overview 50 modern topics, then you are the lucky one. 

Here is the list of several religion essay topics and its statements which you can use for your future steps in making an amazing paper:

  • Ethnic Church Observation. Your essay will include the investigation of the Georgian Orthodox Church and the role of symbolism to describe the church’s values. 
  • Islam as a Cultural and Historical Phenomenon. Such a paper aims to explain the origin of Islam and to compare its principles with other religions. 
  • A Visit to the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha. If you are interested in Hinduism and its philosophical opinions, this essay will excite you as well. 
  • Religious Tenets. Such research demonstrates a connection between geographical location and religious values. 

The following examples may help both experienced and inexperienced writers to prepare a great paper. Now let’s overview 50 of the most exciting topics in religion. 

What to Write About: 50 Topics as Samples

  1. The common and different things of creation and evaluation as the basis of the culture 
  2. The power of theology for religious people
  3. Is it possible to find a compromise between religion and science? 
  4. What is creationism, and how it influences people’s beliefs? 
  5. The evaluation is a new religion: its role and principles 
  6. The most important achievements of biblical archeology 
  7. The pros and cons of intelligent design theory 
  8. The weaknesses of creationism 
  9. The hidden rocks of the Darwin theory 
  10. The common sides of intelligent design and DNA
  11. How religion helps people to recover from a mental breakdown? 
  12. The role of spirituality in the human’s health 
  13. Are there any mutual things about aging and religion?
  14. The role of praying as a healing method 
  15. Psychoanalysis and religion: the hidden connection 
  16. Is it possible to be a part of the LGBT and religious community at the same time? 
  17. What is the impact of the Protestant Church on gays fighting for their rights? 
  18. Is it possible for an LGBT person to meet religious principles? 
  19. The differences between church and religion 
  20. The position of the church about the gay relationship 
  21. The spiritual point of view about same-sex relationships 
  22. How the Bible explains human’s sexuality
  23. The Christianity position about sex
  24. The Buddhist position about sex
  25. The Pauline theology and sexuality 
  26. The variety of religions in America 
  27. How to protect religious people in the workplace 
  28. How to satisfy people’s religious needs in the workplace 
  29. What are the main problems of religious accommodations at work? 
  30. The principles and causes of the Workplace Religious Freedom Act
  31. When a scientist prays: is it a controversial position or not? 
  32. Do science and religion have anything common?
  33. The main debates between science and religion 
  34. The general position of scientists about religion 
  35. How religion describes the impact of modern technologies on people? 
  36. The importance of religion for American youth
  37. Is it important to teach basic religious statements at schools? 
  38. How TV and social media influence teenagers’ position for religion? 
  39. Can church improve kids’ moral attitudes? 
  40. How does church impact the mental behavior of young people? 
  41. The roots and effects of religious imagination of a woman in modern society 
  42. African religions and the place of women in African society 
  43. How to deal with gender stereotypes in religions? 
  44. The women’s position in Judaism: the old and new perception 
  45. The role of women in the Roman church 
  46. The connection and controversy between church and feminization 
  47. Clergywomen and their influence on the modern religion 
  48. Why do men and women decide to become priests? 
  49. The responsibilities of a woman in Christianity 
  50. Today’s meaning of Ordination among women

When you are writing an essay about religion, you need to remember that you must be fair and clearly share your opinion. This area is very sensitive and requires you to be attentive to every word in your paper. Just try not to hurt someone else’s feelings but to express your position! 

Most of these topics are similar to topics in healthcare, sociology, psychology, education, and other areas. You can pick up any optimal way to develop your topic and make it more comprehensive and useful for a scientific community. So take a look at the listed above topics and choose the one you are passionate to write about.

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