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Informative Essay Outline: Definition, Purpose, Writing Recommendations


An informative essay is one of the most widespread paperwork that students of high school and college write. They learn how to find objectives, convey the information in a specific field of study during the writing process. It is based on the facts only and excludes the personal opinion of a student. Research on a given topic in a precise and terse manner is appreciated only.

However, to create an outstanding essay, you have to follow certain rules. One of the most important is about informative essay outline. This element is crucial for paper writing. 

So read below, what you need to know to make an amazing outline!

What Do We Call an Informative Essay Outline?

Some students may wonder about what the essay outline is. It is a small plan of your paper, in other words – the structure. You need to create it before writing any papers, whether they are essays, dissertations, coursework or any other. Outline simplifies the assignment completing and helps to make the whole text well-organized.

An Informative Essay Writing Stages

It may seem like all essays have the same structure, yet each type has its specific features. The order of work on an informative assignment should be the following:

  1. Contrive a sparkling title that will catch the attention of readers. Note several ideas and choose the best one (you may also call your friends or relatives to know their opinion). Make sure that it illuminates the topic entirely. Exclude too long phrases taking the most precise one instead.
  2. The beginning of an informative essay is only one chance to make your audience listen to you till the end. It should be engaging and powerful. Most students classically start their work with terms and descriptions. It is not a mistake, but the beginning could be more distinctive. Give priority to and well-known obvious facts instead of highbrow literature.
  3. Write a thesis statement: a few sentences that support the core idea of your work. They should be maximally precise and relate to the entire assignment.
  4. The first chapter should express the purpose of an informative essay, along with the theme introduction.
  5. Provide the research data and the facts for a better understanding of your essay.
  6. The conclusion should consist of the most compelling facts provided in the essay that support the thesis statement. It must be proven in the final part and leave no questions.
  7. An informative essay should end logically, numerating briefly the points discussed within the paperwork. Also, the developmental path and further investigations are valuable to add as well. 

Generally, a whole informative essay consists of five-six paragraphs. They include an introduction, three-four body chapters, and a summarizing. It focuses on the effects that a fact or scenario has on something. So cause and effect technique of giving the information is the most successful one for an informative essay.

How to Write an Informative Essay Outline: Basic Elements

A proper structure is the beginning of work for each successful academic assignment. Creating this structure begins with an informative essay outline. It is a crucial part that precedes text writing. It provides a strong focus on valuable data instead of a mess of various information, containing the specific details of an essay and facts sharing order. 

The outline generation is obligatory due to its basic structure. All informative essay types have the same order and contain similar chapters. Realizing the connection of a fact to a concrete chapter allows a writer to create a well-thought and structurally correct essay. It does not matter how many paragraphs your assignment should have. 

The main principle of an outline is respected. Students who doubt how to start an informative essay should know the basic structure of an introduction part. It must include: 

  • the hook that draws attention and sparks an interest;
  • a brief introduction of the theme;
  • the thesis statement, which is the core thought of the paperwork represented in a few sentences. 

The introduction part should flow to the body paragraphs smoothly and logically. The body of the paperwork classically contains three parts, although the volume may vary depending on the length of the paperwork. 

Each chapter must contain only one thought that provides a definition, explains a fact or a theory. But it mustn’t numerate only but provide supporting evidence instead. Each chapter should end with a brief summarizing of the given facts and evidence guiding linearly to the following paragraph. 

Each informative essay must have overarching findings that end up all body paragraphs together. Avoid repeating the same facts mentioned above. Write a total up based on the thesis statement written in the introduction part. Your task is to prove the argument settled at the beginning of an informative essay. Your world should not leave any question, but it may draw new perspectives on developing this theme in the future. 

Writing an informative essay, remember that its purpose is filling it with facts without any personal opinion. Therefore, an informative essay outline is an essential part that organizes the facts and operates them consistently.  

An Informative Essay Outline Sections From the Inside

Knowing the basic document structure, let’s look inside of each chapter. If your task includes the number of paragraphs, follow those recommendations strictly.

Writing an introduction, you will have to give the definitions of the terms. Use the terminology from respectful sources only and avoid your interpretation. Perhaps, you may add some background explanation related to the theme. The unknown to general public data sound appealing.

Providing arguments in the middle part of an informative essay, pay attention to their direct relation to the thesis statement. Exclude aside facts and broaden information. The number of chapters equals the number of arguments you provide. Do not overload a paragraph with two or more proof-points. That will make a mess in the whole paperwork and spoil the conclusion of every single chapter. 

Among an argument, it is reasonable to represent the opposite point of view upon it. This technique will enhance your conviction and prove your professional approach to in-depth research. Therefore, take your time to study the arguments from different sides and opinions to create a logical text. During the study, you will collapse with at least two beliefs regardless of the chosen topic. Hence, be careful while representing the opposite points of view.

Each chapter should necessarily include the facts that prove the argument. The quoting of credible scientists and researchers is appreciated. They confirm that the proof-point is weighty enough for observation and complete the picture. 

Writing a summarisation, avoid copy-pasting of the mentioned facts and thesis. It should be an analysis based on the facts of the whole work. The readers must focus on the significant aspects of the essay and see the benefits gained through it. 

An Informative Essay Outline Example

Consider the following topic and use it as an informative essay outline example for your paperwork. 

Alcohol toxic effects on the body


  • Hook. Have you ever heard that drinking a large amount of alcohol leads to a human’s visual ability decreasing and the necessity to turn on a bright light to distinguish little things?
  • Aim: To bring to the attention that alcoholism destroys human health.
  • Core point for the readers or listeners: they should decide to accept alcohol consumption or reject it.
  • Thesis statement. Alcohol affects a human organism severely, causes overall health problems, and destroys a fulfilling life except for its relaxation effect. 

Body chapters:

  • The first main argument. Influence of alcohol on the brain circulatory system.
    • Evidence. Excessive alcohol usage and crapulence periods cause cerebral apoplexy. Older persons are at the highest risk.
    • Evidence. Blood vessel disorder in the brain cells due to excessive longtime alcohol usage provokes apathy and medical causes of concentration difficulty.
    • Evidence. Insomnia, horror dreams, problems with falling asleep, and troubling night rest are the symptoms of brain damage caused by alcohol.
  • The second main argument: alcohol dependence decreases the immune resistance of the entire organism.
    • Evidence. An alcoholic sees no sense in learning and self-development.
    • Evidence. Heavy drinkers perform irritative, aggressive, or apathetic behavior. As a result, they experience social isolation and unwillingness of other people to communicate with this person in turn. An alcoholic’s social circle is shrinking to a minimum.
  • The third main argument. The brain cells and their structure are practically irreparable due to harm caused by alcohol.
    • Evidence. Mental and nervous system problems are the accompanying diseases of alcoholism.
    • Evidence. Even slight changes in the mood caused by alcohol usage are a reason to apply for medical help and start a recovery course. Medical therapy may be long term and costly. 


The conclusion statement: the negative influence of alcohol on the body are loss of sight, hearing, and delayed reactions in people. Miserable existence instead of a productive style of living is a result of heavy drinking. Realizing the harm of alcohol influence is essential at the early stages. Giving up this toxic habit is highly recommended. Alcohol doesn’t brainstorm options but creates quagmires instead. 

Summing Up 

Before starting your informative essay outline, make sure that you know what to write. If your material is at the raw stage or you are only collecting the information and doing research, postpone the outline writing till you get a complete informational database on your subject.

The preceding steps of an outline generating are reorganizing your abridgment, thoughts, and citing that you have collected for your essay. The smaller categories are, the more precise an argument you get. As soon as your outline is ready, you can move toward writing a draft stage. 

A well-written outline is halfway to an excellent informative essay that will impress your public and professor and a tool to receive the highest grade.

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