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How to Get Better at Math in a Short Time

how to get better at math

For modern science and practice, the problem of developing the mathematical skills of students is one of the most important. Having studied the normative documents regulating the organization of the educational process in educational institutions, the needs of the production sector, the opinions of leading experts in various scientific publications, we can highlight the factors that determine the relevance of this problem:

  • The first factor is the need to improve the quality of higher education, defined by various requirements that regulate the process of professional training of students, according to which mathematics sets the basis for the study of general professional and special disciplines and is aimed, first of all, at forming students’ readiness to use the methods of mathematics for solving applied problems;
  • The second factor is the reduction of classroom hours declared in the new federal state educational standards and an increase in the volume of hours for independent work, including in mathematics, which requires students to have developed skills to obtain, improve and expand their knowledge of mathematics independently, to be ready to independently search for solutions to difficulties and problems that arise in the classroom, and then, in subsequent professional activities and in life;
  • The third factor is the intensive development of modern production with complex technical equipment, which requires a high level of professional competence, one of the components of which, along with general education, is mathematical competence.

The above factors serve as the basis for the following assumption: one of the ways to solve the problem of improving the quality of professional training of students is to develop their mathematical competence as a quality that provides them with the necessary and sufficient mobility in the profession, as well as full-fledged professional self-realization at the theoretical and practical levels. Considering the high importance of studying mathematics, we would like to note the importance of improving mathematical knowledge and skills by modern students.

Useful Tips to Succeed in Learning Math 

If you want to know how to get better at math, please read the following guidelines carefully.

Improving Math Skills

Math games are an excellent helper in improving your math skills. They are built in such a way that a person can have fun and useful exercise. Here are two of the most popular online games to improve your math knowledge and skills:

  1. Prodigy is a game that turns math exercises into a fun role-playing game and allows users to use math knowledge to develop a unique imaginary world;
  2. DragonBoxAlgebra is an interesting game that allows players to develop their algebra skills and solve difficult math exercises.

Many effective games can be found on the Internet today. They are generally available as Applications. Take a little time, and you will surely find those games that meet your goals and needs.

Are you seriously concerned about the question “How to get better at math?” Then you should spend more time learning. Try to make math a part of your life. You can incorporate exercises into your daily life to keep your skills up to date, improve them regularly, and identify math problems in various forms around yourself.

So, here is a list of tips to help you get involved in math as much as possible:

  • Use math knowledge in simple everyday situations. For example, imagine that an online store gives you a 25% discount on shoes. Usually, the cost of such shoes is 35 euros. What will be the price after the decline? A variety of situations of this nature can arise in your life. Try to use them appropriately;
  • Don’t miss this unique opportunity to practice your skills in new, unusual situations outside of your daily life. For example, calculate how much time you have to spend on a 9-kilometer path if you usually spend 20 minutes on a 1-kilometer trip. Create different tasks for yourself, set different conditions, find the correct solution to the tasks, and definitely succeed in raising your math skills!

In search of an answer to the question “How to get better at math fast?”, you should understand that the overview should be the basis of your learning. Just memorizing formulas, equations and rules will not give you a good level of knowledge. It is important for you to understand the basic principles that underlie this or that formula, equation, or rule. This will allow you to gain the in-depth knowledge that will be useful to you in the future.

Here are some tips regarding this:

  • Start by researching. For example, now you are studying the Pythagorean theorem. Try to find out who Pythagoras was, how and when he developed the theorem, and why is it so interesting to this day? Having gained knowledge about the specifics of the development and the importance of the Pythagorean theorem, you will definitely remember the necessary material and learn to apply the knowledge in practice;
  • Do not try to memorize material that is written in incomprehensible words. Transform various mathematical principles and rules into everyday language. This will allow you to quickly understand and remember them;
  • Use your knowledge to gain new ones. For example, try applying the Pythagorean theorem to shapes other than a triangle. It is just as effective for rectangles, squares, hexagons, etc. or not? Understanding why the rule applies to certain situations and not others will help you better integrate and apply it in practice.

Preparation for Lessons

You should be well prepared for your math lesson. First, make sure your notebook is comfortable and that you can write important study material there without any problem. It is recommended to use a special binding notebook for a math lesson so that you can divide it into different blocks and write down different topics.

It is important to prepare for a math lesson in a timely manner and not postpone homework until the last moment. Study your previous records to establish connections between old and new information and create a foundation for new knowledge. Read in advance new educational material, and then it will be well stored in memory. Knowing the chapter’s main ideas before attending lessons will definitely help you better understand and remember the training material.

Try to allocate enough time for your math homework. Be clear about the time for completing math tasks and try not to break them. Gradually, you will form a habit and receive good organizational skills.

Education in the Classroom

If you really want to get good at math, you should understand that a person cannot be successful in mathematics if he/she does not attend classes. Regular attendance at lessons is a must. You should also take a good place where you can see and hear everything, and others will not be able to distract you.

Try to learn how to take notes correctly. The ability to reproduce the material read or heard depends on the ability to take notes. The complexity of the note-taking process lies in the fact that it is necessary to simultaneously perform several functions – listening, understanding, thinking, shortening, writing, drawing. This uses visual, auditory, and motor memory. Drawing up a synopsis is a creative process, but first, you need to learn the basic rules of taking notes and learn how to maintain a standard, or as it is also called traditional synopsis. You can then move on to more advanced note-taking if you wish. A good synopsis will allow you to organize the study material, analyze it, and, as a result, better prepare for passing a test or exam.

Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher additional questions. This will allow you to improve your knowledge and show yourself as an interested student.

Thus, you can train yourself to be good at math. However, everything here depends on you, on your desire to learn, on the effort you put in, on the time you spend on learning. If getting better at math is really your goal, then take action now. Follow the tips described in this article, and you will definitely get a good result!

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