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Gun Control Essay: a Step-by-Step Guide

Gun control essay is a written assignment, where you share thoughts, official information, and facts on the topic of gun control, violence, and shootings. After the recent traumatic events, the debates on gun control have reached the limit.

Should everyone own a gun to defend themselves and their families? Or do we need strict gun control laws? You are given a chance to speak up your opinion on this challenging but yet important topic.

Today we will share the most important tips on writing a gun control essay: topic ideas, pros and cons, writing guidelines, and of course, resources where to find reliable information.

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Pick aside

Did you know that only officially 33 people in the US die of guns every single day? This is only one of the heartbreaking numbers that you can include in the future essay. But if you still don’t know whose side you are on, let us present arguments both for and against gun control.

Reasons to make gun control stricter:

  • It takes seconds to injure or even kill a person or many people;
  • If a person owns a gun, the chances of killing a friend, a family member or a neighbor are 43 times higher than killing an intruder;
  • Homes with guns have five times higher chances of experiencing suicide.

Reasons against gun control:

  • People kill, not guns;
  • Owning a gun has a handful of legal reasons: hunting, self-defense, and collecting;
  • Criminals will continue injuring and killing people because they don’t need legal permission to own a gun.

Take some time to go through the above arguments, let them sink in, and you’ll see which side you are on. Once you are ready to go further and support your point of view, it’s necessary to pick an issue and topic.

There will be tens of similar essays in the class, so you need to choose a fresh and interesting idea to stand out. Below you’ll find all the necessary tools to succeed!

10 great ideas and catchy titles for a gun control essay

The next step to getting A+ for a gun control essay is crafting a title that will express your point of view and catch the attention of the audience. Below you will find a few well-turned examples.

Gun control support:

  1. More guns cause more cruelty;
  2. Wrong people shouldn’t be getting guns;
  3. Second Amendment should be revised to prevent tragedies;
  4. Second Amendment and gun control are sides of the same coin;
  5. There is a thin line between murder and self-defense.

Against gun control titles:

  1. Education is more effective than gun control;
  2. The propaganda of gun culture roots to cartoons;
  3. We should blame mass media: it’s easy to become famous when killing someone;
  4. It is necessary to ban everything that potentially threatens lives;
  5. Criminals don’t follow gun control laws.

Resources for a great gun control essay

Have you already chosen a side and a title for the future paper? Then you are halfway through because many students don’t even know whose side they are on, which makes essays boring and watery. Below you will find the most relevant and interesting sources for the essay. However, don’t forget citing every source properly according to the required formatting style:

  1. ‘Guns’ Stephen King;
  2. ‘The Case for Gun Policy in America’ By John Hopkins Bloomberg School;
  3. ’10 myths on Gun Control’;
  4. National Rifle Association;
  5. ‘Will Banning Guns Reduce Suicide and Murder?’ in the Harvard Journal of Public Policy and Law.

If you find the above sources not enough, don’t worry. There are hundreds or even thousands of credible sources online. These are publications on official websites of different organizations, college or university journals, and books in libraries. Use Google Scholar, and it will greatly help in distinguishing a credible source from a doubtful one.

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Gun control: pros and cons

Above we have already introduced you to the most popular arguments for and against gun control. Hopefully, they helped to pick a side, and now you firmly stand the ground. Moreover, the pros and cons of the topic have already been discussed and analyzed on national channels, official websites, and magazines. 

Unfortunately, both sides are stuck in the position and don’t want to search for a compromise. Who knows, maybe your essay will motivate others to change their point of view or to listen attentively to what opponents have to say?

Here are a few additional points supporting and contradicting the gun control.


  1. While the US population equals only 5% of the world’s inhabitants, 50% of guns are owned by American residents;
  2. The US was ranked lower than South Africa when the number of gun deaths in various countries was expressed as the number in a million people population.


  1. The whole idea of gun control contradicts basic democratic principles, which allow people to protect their lives and lives of those they love. People should have guns to defend when they are attacked. Actually, gun crime data shows that the uncontrolled owning of guns leads to more crime and anarchy. And the goal of gun control should be preventing anarchy and not ownership of weapons. That is why this argument is pointless;
  2. Gun ownership is granted by the Second Amendment, so it can’t be restricted. We should all remember that 99% of the amendment is based on data from people without any legal education or college degree at all. Thinking that this right shouldn’t be restricted is unreasonable. Actually, laws can be restricted, changed, and even removed. Thus, when using this argument, it’s obvious that gun control pros are much stronger.

Simple steps towards a great gun control essay

If you not only want to get a high grade but also to stand out from other students and their works, you should approach the process with all seriousness.

No matter whether you are working on a compare and contrast, persuasive, or a narrative gun control essay, following the steps below, will greatly help you to master the assignment like a pro.

1. Define the topic

It doesn’t matter what essay type you are asked to complete. Every assignment should start with a clear definition of a concept: what gun control is. Use the most appropriate definitions depending on your vision and chosen side. 

For example, start with a dictionary definition and afterward add a few general facts that will grab and hold the attention of the audience. Then include gun control statistics. It will make the argument stronger and will make the readers want to know more.

2. Body paragraphs should get your maximum attention and concentration

Here is where you should provide arguments and facts on the chosen gun control topic. The best option is to use recent and fresh studies. Most likely, your teacher won’t accept outdated and irrelevant sources, and you’ll have to redo everything all over again.

When writing a pro-gun control paper, it is a good idea to use statistics about how guns of private people killed innocent citizens. It’s also possible to cite situations when teenagers used their parents’ weapons to commit crimes at schools or colleges.

If you don’t support gun control, cite studies, which prove that ownership of a gun may save lives or other statistics that prove positive aspects of having a gun.

Surely, the organization and content of the future gun control essay greatly depend on the teacher’s requirements, chosen essay type, and arguments you want to discuss. However, in most cases, the structure remains the same, so you should outline and plan the future essay properly to make your arguments sound and credible.

Don’t forget about the introduction and thesis statement, which will set the tone for your future work and will draw the attention of the reader.

3. Conclusion matters

You may feel tired after working on body paragraphs, but it’s impossible to make a good impression and to get a high grade without including all necessary sections.

In conclusion, you need to summarize the paper and repeat the most important findings. Then provide a powerful statement considering the facts in your assignment. We recommend including a call-to-action at the end, which will motivate readers to explore the subject further.

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Final thoughts

Writing a gun control essay has never been a simple task. It requires not only a clear understanding of which side you are on but also being able to present facts in a clear and understandable manner. 

It is also important to conduct solid research and to find fresh and relevant sources that will strengthen your points. Sounds too complicated? We know how you feel because we’ve also been there.

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Many years of experience helped us to deliver outstanding papers, which meet even the most challenging requirements. All our writers are native English speakers, have degrees of the most prominent colleges and universities in the country, and are passionate about academic writing.

Here you will not only find a person to complete your gun control essay but also a friend and a tutor to manage similar assignments in the future. We will guide you through every stage of the process and will make sure you get an A even within the shortest deadlines.

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