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Easy Research Paper Topics or Which Topics Are Good

easy research paper topics

Choosing the topic of a research paper you are going to write is the first and probably the most important step on your way to perfect research. A whole bunch of things depends on the choice you make. If the topic isn’t interesting, you won’t be able to get up to your neck in research. If the topic is too common, it will be difficult to impress the audience with some new ideas or inventions. If the topic is too rare, there is a risk that no proper information for good research will be found. So, before the final choice is done, the matter of topics should be gotten down fine.

The first piece of advice is: don’t try to choose one and only topic from the very beginning. If you were given a list of the topics you can work with, read it thoughtfully and write down every topic that might be interesting for you or buy college papers. If you surf through the Internet, looking for any topic that will become yours, try to determine the field of your future research. As soon as you do it, find the list of the possible topics and choose a couple of them. Depending on the number of topics you choose, try to minimize your list up to 3-5 ones or if you have already done it, look for general information about each one. Such quick info surf will help you to find out how much information is available on every topic. Write down your results. Narrow down the number of topics comparing them and choosing the topic that is interesting for you with enough information for making proper research.

Tip: you can write down all your thoughts while surfing for info. Pay attention to the topic that awakes more thoughts. Use the thoughts and ideas you have in your further research.

To make a long story short, you can try to apply practically everything that is written above. Just choose the field of your interests and pay your attention to suggested topics. Maybe one of them will become your lucky research topic.

Easy research paper topics. Issues of women

Women can talk non-stop and the number of topics about women can be endless. There is no need to recite all of them. Below you can find some that might be useful for your future research paper.

  • Multi-child families VS childless – who is happier? What is better?
  • The problem of breast cancer and factors, which influence it.
  • Birth control methods and religious side of the matter.
  • Winnings and losses of the feminist movement. How did it change the world and society?
  • The institution of marriage and the changes it has gone through.
  • Perennial question – what is the woman’s main role?
  • Female hormones and their role in the protection of women’s health.
  • To marry – why and what for?
  • Unfeminine issues: why women don’t succeed in some professions?

Criminal justice easy research paper topics.

Thanks to plenty of detective series and movies, it became very popular to study criminal justice. So, if you follow this ‘fashion trend’ and now need to write a research paper, here you can find some topics that might be interesting.

  • Criminal stories were always interesting for humanity. What are the reasons for such curiosity?
  • Prison confinement – does it really help to mend a person or cripples further life?
  • Most serial killers were certified as insane. So, is killing normal for human nature?
  • Reasoning about the death sentence or how good deeds can be with fists.
  • Is it true that some people are genetically preconditioned for criminal activities?
  • Some of the former prisoners return to jail because they can’t cope with problems of real life. How is it possible to make them adapted? Will those measures help to prevent future crimes?
  • The court isn’t a sole possessor of ultimate truth. Why court doesn’t equal justice.
  • What are the biggest perversions of justice?
  • A lot of teens are into criminal activities now. What are the reasons for such a bad trend?
  • License to carry weapons or license to kill?
  • Legalizing of marijuana: help for those, who need it or crime legalizing?
  • The right of animals. Are they equal members of modern society?

Sport. Easy research paper topics.

Sports activities have been exciting for humanity during all its history. Some kinds of sport helped people to struggle and to survive and others were – and remain – a kind of special art. Sport is interesting to watch, to participate and even to write about. The list of the topics presented below might help you to choose the right one.

  • Are football players overpaid? Are they really worth those huge salaries?
  • History of Olympic Games. Are they still a pure sports competition?
  • Fans and their influence on games and sportsmen. Both good and bad examples.
  • The kind of sport you like, its prominent representative and his best achievements.
  • Is there any kind of sport that should be included in the list of Olympic sports or the kind that should be deleted?
  • Sport in colleges – should college athletes be privileged?
  • Unfeminine and ‘sissy’ kinds of sport – is such discrimination correct?
  • Lessons of sport at school. Is it correct to give grades to something that is (not) given by nature?

Business easy research paper topics.

Nowadays everyone is into business since early ages but the reality of business is difficult, sometimes cruel and should be studied well in order to gain even a bit of success. So, there are some interesting topics for those, who are going to become business sharks.

  • The real chances for the success of small business. Do they really exist?
  • Benefits and implications of child labor. Kids’ exploitation or job training.
  • Who is the perfect manager: gender, age, and personal qualities?
  • The best ways to promote a small business.
  • Family business: benefits and implications.
  • Comparative analysis of franchise and starting a new business. Which one has more chances to succeed?
  • What are the best known psychological selling goods tricks? What makes people follow them?
  • How does recycling influence the prices of goods?
  • How is it possible to improve labor legislation? Should employers have more or fewer rights?
  • Start-up’s phenomenon and the reasons for its popularity.

Easy research paper topics. In sum

Really, the variety of possible topics is huge and no one knows which one will be the best for you. You can invent your own topic or choose the suggested one. It doesn’t really matter. It should be interesting for you. It should turn you into a crazy scientist, who is fond of personal research.

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