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Research Papers. Examples of How to Enjoy Your Writing

Posted on 30 Aug 2019

5 min read
Probably there is no need to write a well-known definition of what a research paper is. It is clear for every student and everyone understands it in his own way. To make the long story short and maybe a little bit more interesting, when writing a research paper you will become a kind of a detective. Yes, why not? Searching for information, making conclusions and looking for evidence – isn’t it what was done by a famous Sherlock ...
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Research Paper Format or What You Need to Know for Writing an Excellent Paper

Posted on 26 Aug 2019

5 min read
It is clear that if you are reading these lines, you are the one who was given the task to write a research paper. Don’t be surprised – your present mood is also clear! You think it is simply impossible to write it, you feel lost and the whole situation seems awfully decadent for you. Right? But don’t be depressive! Yes, a research paper isn’t such an easy task to write. It will definitely take your time and efforts but reme...
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Good Quality Essay – Why to Write?

Posted on 23 Aug 2019

7 min read
Student’s life is busy and it seems that all those writing tasks are endless. Essays, research papers, summaries and a lot of other academic papers are the essential part of a modern education system and are definitely time-consuming. Why all those papers should be written at all? If answering the question that is written above you think that the main goal of every professor is to ruin the life of his students, you are wrong. I...
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Is Plagiarism Illegal? What Is It in General?

Posted on 21 Aug 2019

5 min read
It is clear that the word ‘plagiarism’ is familiar to every student. Moreover, a lot of students even hate it as this notorious plagiarism makes students’ life more difficult. It is repeated by professors and there are even special lectures called something like ‘how bad plagiarism is’. So, definitely, it is the right time to get to know what plagiarism means and why it is so infamous. It seems that professors will neve...
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’Good people’ David Foster Wallace

Posted on 19 Aug 2019

3 min read
David Foster Wallace was one of the brightest representatives of the modern literary world. He is the writer whose writing skills can’t be quarreled about as well as his special influence on the world of modern literature. His famous novel of 1000 pages named ‘Infinite Jest’ was marked as one of the best English language novels written during the XX century. He was the winner of different literature prizes; in 2012 David Foste...
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