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Research Paper Topics for College Students

Posted on 20 Jan 2019

6 min read
Many students believe that the most difficult part of preparing a research paper is to think about the beginning of the text. However, many writing experts say that the most difficult and at the same time the most important part of the work is finding a proper topic. Deciding on a topic that you like or the one that inspires you is able to give some extra motivation. Working with such topics is not only easier, but you also get lots ...
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MLA Format Paper: All That You Have to Know Before Starting Your Essay

Posted on 17 Jan 2019

7 min read
Writing different 500 word essays and taking into consideration all academic requirements is a must for any student. However, it’s not always easy to learn everything about numerous styles and ways of formatting a text. Why? The first thing is often a lack of information and absence of classes, where the difference between styles could be explained. The second thing is a lack of time and opportunities that would allow a student rea...
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How to Write a Thesis Statement for Academic Essays

Posted on 15 Jan 2019

6 min read
Writing an academic paper whether it is an essay, a research work or an article, it is necessary to start with describing the main aim and issue of the text - writing an informative thesis statement. Normally, thesis consists of 1-2 sentences or a very short paragraph. However, this short piece of information adds great value to your work. A thesis statement allows your listener or your reader to decide what the whole text is about a...
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Annotated Bibliography Example for College Writing

Posted on 13 Jan 2019

4 min read
Many students are puzzled when they have to write an annotated bibliography. This task is not a very common one and may appear difficult due to lack of experience of dealing with it. However, if you spend some time to understand the main rules and to read some tips, you can see there’s nothing really difficult in completing the task. Here we’ve collected some interesting samples of an annotated bibliography. They are parts of dif...
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Argumentative Essay Topics for College Assignments

Posted on 11 Jan 2019

4 min read
The main aim of the assignment is to teach you to support your opinion with facts and logical conclusions against some opposite statements. To write an essay, you shall start with choosing a proper topic that will be interesting and appealing. Argumentative Essay Topics Choice There are two possible ways of getting your topic. Sometimes, teachers prefer giving the topic on their own, so you actually have no choice. However, ofte...
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